I FINALLY got to watch my Indiana Jones DVD's!

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Posted by Goodsport from adsl-216-102-199-185.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Monday, December 08, 2003 at 3:25pm :

      After all this time, I finally found the time to have myself an Indiana Jones DVD marathon.

      OMG, what an improvement over the VHS tape versions!

      It's amazing how different the lighting looks in the DVD versions (compared to the VHS versions) in many of the scenes. The Raven Bar scene in Raiders is probably the most well-known example, but I was even surprised by how much more well-lit the scene with Indy and Marcus speaking to the to U.S. Army Intelligence agents was near the beginning of Raiders.

      The three DVD's were obviously digitally "cleaned-up" much like the Back to the Future DVD trilogy was: both the video and the audio on both DVD trilogies actually look and sound like recently-made movies, in contrast to most movies from before the mid-1990's that are ported over to DVD, which have the video (and oftentimes the audio) left exactly "as is" (which is definitely obvious when viewing them on DVD)!

      Sorry about the long post (especially since most of you have already watched the Indy DVD's long ago), but I'm excited to have watched the movies it their most original state since being shown in the theaters!


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