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Posted by 3thoubucks from ( on Saturday, February 28, 2004 at 3:40am :

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Blood Alley. That's the name of the Wayne/ Bacall movie. He kept talking to his ex in the sky, but started hitting on Bacall toward the end and ruined it. I think he called the sky girl "Baby" and at the end started calling Bacall that. He couldn't tell the difference? What a %&^$'in &!#%. I was watching Raiders today, and for the first time (with DVD zoom) noticed bottles of whiskey in the steamship cabin (4, and one says Meyer's Rum on it) and two large shot glasses! So... Indy has a drink with Marcus and slams it, turns down a drink in the plane, but since the pilot says "Nice to see you again Dr. Jones" The stewardess wouldn't have offered him a drink if he had always turned them down before. Marrion "wins" a drinking contest, and Indy pours himself some whiskey at the Raven, Marrion sucks up the booze flowing out of the bullet hole in the little barrel, then Indy pleads for "..Whiskey?..." They drink wine at Sallah's house. Indy gets "sit down before you fall down" drunk. The servant pours them wine at the old Wizard's house. Marion tries to out drink Belloch, Dietrich drinks to their sucess in the desert, they probably drank on the ship and the film ends with the words "Come on..I'll buy you a drink... You know,..a drink?" So call me George, we can do this! Just put my name in the credits, and use my concept!...and $50,000 if you feel like it......(NEVER drink then drive!)

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