I.J....longing for patrimony?

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Posted by 3thoubucks from host-66-81-115-67.rev.o1.com ( on Sunday, March 14, 2004 at 3:37pm :

North and South America. Matriarchal societies, where men rule politics and the workplace, but where women are basicly thought of as "better" human beings and controll things closer to home. This underlying matriarchy causing confusion in males- Satipo's embrace of Indy, The swishy boy giving Indy an apple. No wonder Indy hates snakes. So where can you go? China (Tibet), and the Arab states where males are "better" humans than females. Of course, the answer to matriarchy vs. patriarchy is equality. American males who dress up like Indy are only trying to confirm their own lost intrinsic value as males. Elvis impersonators are dressing up like women---what's that gonna get ya? The U.S. has some problems with some Arab states and China right now. Any connection?

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