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Posted by IndyCoil from ( on Sunday, April 18, 2004 at 2:09pm :

In Reply to: New Indy COMIC BOOK appearance! posted by Brisco from ( on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 at 7:52pm :

: For the first time in YEARS, there is a comic book with Indiana Jones in it on the stands today. Indy makes a short appearance in Dark Horse Comics' newest issue of Star Wars Tales. The four-page appearance makes it a little hard for an Indy fan to justify the $5.99 cover price, but it's certainly worth checking out in the store.

: I wonder if this means that Dark Horse has once again secured the rights to Indy? Or is it an unauthorized appearance? I sure hope it means Indy is back at Dark Horse. I'd LOVE to see new Indy comics!

: As for the appearance itself, well, to say it is to spoil it. So I'll allow plenty of


It's almost heartbreaking to hear the news of Han's departure, but knowing it ties in with Indy is an awesome feeling. If someone scans these and posts them on the internet I'd greatly appreciate it.

Boy, you gotta love those "Alternate Universe" departures from classic Story lines, kinda spices it up a bit.


: The story features Han Solo and Chewie crash-landing on a strange planet. They are chased by the planet's natives, who look like American Indians. The natives throw spears and shoot arrows. Han gets hit, a lot. With a classic Indy line to Chewie, he dies. "126 years later." We see a familiar archeologist in a leather jacket and fedora, with bullwhip, being led by a Native American guide. Apparently "Dr. Jones" and his companion, "Shorty" are being led to where there have been sightings of Bigfoot. They find the wreckage of the Milennium Falcoln, which Indy says is unlike anything he's ever seen before, "even Atlantis." He sees Han's skeleton and comments that he looks human, "poor bastard." Indy says all this is strangely familiar, and urges his party to leave. He tells Shorty they're going to give up the hunt, and let the thing (Bigfoot?) live at peace with nature. Chewie watches them leave from a tree.


: Interesting.
: Brisco

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