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Posted by Sean from ( on Friday, April 23, 2004 at 10:03am :

In Reply to: Re: Adventure has a new name? Bah! posted by Brisco from ( on Friday, April 23, 2004 at 3:50am :

My point was simply that the marketing campaign for 'Van Helsing' seemed intent on dethroning Indiana Jones as the King of adventure.

Many would argue that this happened years ago and that Jones was no longer relevant. I would disagree. One only needs to look at the copy-cats that persist to this day.

As far as Lucas goes, well, I'll have to lump him in with Summers. I seemed to forget that movie studios have large marketing teams, and chances are neither Lucas or Summers came up with the 'Adventure etc...' taglines.

I wasn't necessarily slagging 'Van Helsing' per se, just it's lofty ambitions when nothing had been proven yet. Remember, 'If Adventure Has A Name...' was the slogan for 'Temple of Doom,' 3 years after 'Raiders' was an international hit.

If 'Van Helsing' turns out to be a good flick (and I have my doubts based on the script, the trailers and what I've read), then I'll go out and buy a giant floppy hat, cover it in tabasco and chow down.


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