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Posted by Michaelson from ( on Wednesday, April 28, 2004 at 11:49am :

In Reply to: This place looks familiar . . . posted by Hannibal King from ? ( on Wednesday, April 28, 2004 at 11:27am :

Hello stranger! I wondered what ever happened to you! I, too, stop by on occasion, and unfortunately most folks have 'spun off' to other sites that specialize in a particular aspect of the hobby. I spend most of my time at's forum (have been an administrator for several years there now). Like you, I too still check in the old home port to see who may have stopped by and posted. As you can see, the update info hasn't been changed since October of last year, and even Micah told me in an email recently that he rarely pays much attention what's going on here unless somebody brings his attention to it.

Sad indeed, but times change, and folks continue to move. I'm glad you included the link to your Hannibal King site, as we've experienced complete server crashes on our email in the past, and that link was long lost. I'll wander in after a while and see what you've been up to.

You'll still see the old regulars pop in now and again, but rarely at the same time, so this is more of a stopping point to leave messages anymore.

Indyfan is still the cornerstone of the internet hobby, as far as I'm concerned, and I'll be forever grateful for what it was/is, and for the network of friends I've made here, and continue to have as time goes by.

Keep in touch, Hannibal! It's always good to 'see' you.

High regards. Michaelson

: Hey Folks,

: So, I just started mosying through a lot of the old sites that I used to go to when I had loads of time for the internet and decided to stop by the old place.

: I really don't know when the last time I posted was but I'm sure it's been a long time and you know what - I feel bad. I remember coming on with really 'innovative' questions and suggestions - such as -

: 'wow, wouldn't it be great if there was an Indiana Jones timeline' or 'wouldn't it be great if there was a series of Indiana Jones novels' only to be told by people like Michaelson that there was, in both cases. I spent loads of time in here and hell, I even made it through the flame wars intact. I contributed a fan serial that when I read now it makes me cringe. Hell, I think I was even the first person to question whether the fedora bloke at the beginning of LC was Abner Ravenwood. I just think that and have hit my head lots since then so may be very delusional.

: The reason that I feel bad was that this place used to be my first port of call and I made a lot of friends here. Why did I stop coming? Other commitments I guess.

: However, the hopes for a good Indy IV still exist somewhere within my heart and I am looking forwards to Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Dagnabit I'll even go and see Van Helsing.

: I stopped making Hannibal King movies, purely because of Blade III and the ressurection of the obscure Marvel character with the same name. I had a choice and decided to rename the character but Howard the Duck King seemed a bit rubbish.

: It's been nice to pop in and say hi, it's a bit sad to see the place so empty and that the front door needs a lick of paint.

: You guys take care

: And wouldn't it be a great idea if Marvel comics released a 34 issue long series of comics of variable quality called 'The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones'?

: Seeya

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