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Posted by Brett Maverick Lambert from d199-126-30-115.abhsia.telus.net ( on Monday, July 12, 2004 at 3:33am :

In Reply to: back to the novels (does anyone remember those) posted by Aragorn from MTL-ppp-148240.qc.sympatico.ca ( on Wednesday, July 07, 2004 at 7:15pm :

You're in Canada now? Wow, have things ever changed.

Nice to see you around old friend!

: Greetings from Canada. Been a while since I've posted anything (or even been here), but I just thought I'd raise up the question, for those of you qualified to theorize ... I've spent my summer re-reading all the Indiana Jones novels from Bantam (yes, I even read the two I hated, from Caidin, all the way through), and I'd like to ask around for theories explaining the two hollow earths Indy visited.

: I'd like to put forth that the one we see in "Interior World" by Rob MacGregor was in fact somehow in another dimension (we have drifting portholes leading in and out, a different value of passing time, and that whole crumbling-to-dust-and-waking-up-in-the-maze thing if you don't take the proper nourishment). Plus, What's-her-name mentions something about the inhabitants dreaming everything, rather like the Druid society in "Seven Veils". The hollow earth in "Hollow Earth", on the other hand, is what you would 'really find' if you dug a whole deep enough, without someone from the first hollow earth to guide you in.

: Too confusing? I hope not. Any other ideas? I'm interested. Maybe the McCoy books are part of a seperate timeline from the MacGregor books, as elements such as Jack Shannon, the eagle, and memories of Deirdre are never dredged up in McCoy's books.

: Doctor Who is coming back!

: MN

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