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Posted by Michaelson from ( on Monday, August 30, 2004 at 3:49pm :

In Reply to: Your mission: Indy gear for 2004! (updated) posted by Tim Elliott from ( on Saturday, August 28, 2004 at 2:51pm :

: In an attempt to break through the doldrums here on the board, I thought I'd dust off a question I first posed here in 1999 and then again a year later. I'm going to pose it in its original form despite dated references to the now-defunct Irridium satellite phone and the largely-passť Laura Croft.

: Your mission: Indy gear for 2000!

: Here's an exercise for the crowd, particularly the real archeologists and adventurers out there. How would YOU outfit an Indy for 2000 and beyond? A leather jacket, a canvas shoulder bag and a .45 were probably good choices in the 1930s and 40s, but have they been surpassed by new materials and technology?

: For the sake of discussion, let's assume travel in varied climates; weapons in checked baggage for air travel but a cavalier attitude toward pesky local firearms ordinances; and a respect for traveling light.

: Feel free to recommend new headgear (at your own peril!), Gore-Tex clothing, lightweight, concealable weapons, boots and suggested gear for whatever sort of shoulder bag you see fit, that sort of thing. Would today's Indy carry a Palm Pilot instead of a lined notebook? A GPS tracker rather than a compass? An Irridium phone instead of Western Union flimsies? Would he (or she, given Lara Croft's rise to fame) still take advantage of the abundant military surplus options out there today?

: Looking forward to a lively discussion. Please be specific and offer links where appropriate.

: Cheers!

: Tim

Hi Tim! Boy, you don't give up on this one, do you? (grins) It's always a quandry regarding the gear. I've often wondered what he'd probably grab to, as I have to factor in what he would probably be making in todays academic market. Have we EVER determined if he was a full professor, or just tenured track associate professor. That would very much determine what he could and could not afford, and if he'd be racking up credit card debt for same.

He more than likely be a Gor-Tex man now for the field. Military surplus is still a likelihood, as the shirts and pants are still affordable, tough, and field proven. Hat? His trusty fedora is more likely the head gear of choice, as it would still fit in the classroom or field. He would definitely have a laptop for note taking now as part of his field gear. This has become THE notebook of choice for all field people in archaeology, or at least in my part of the world. That's about all I'm going to offer at the moment. Let's see if there's any OTHER life out there. (grins) Regards. Michaelson

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