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Posted by Jimmie from ( on Friday, September 03, 2004 at 4:08pm :

Hey guys...I wanted to pop over to fill you all in on what's been happening recently, what's about to happen, and what happened a couple of days ago.....and not only do I see a couple of the old regulars (Hi guys!!), but THE MAN himself graces us with a visit : )

I don't get over this way too much anymore, what with more school (back to studying Japanese again, and now added Spanish), my children, a divorce, a new GF : ), and work....WHEW!!

Back in Feb my wife of nearly 4 years and I called it quits. Pretty amicable split, all things considered. BUT - a couple of weeks ago I met an incredible woman from - of all places - PERU, and we have hit it off swimmingly! Her name is Patty. So now I have added Spanish classes to my curriculum at school, so as to be better able to speak to her in her own tongue : ) I was actually aiming for a Japanese partner, but, as the song goes, "Love strikes blind, and undirected"...

This article about the newly discovered city in PERU is fascinating...I'll run it by her, see if she's heard....

Also, and here's the coolest...

Last Saturday, she and I were out just goofin off, when I suggested that we go to a park to just sort of hang out, eat a bit, etc. One of the local parks here has a giant fountain - flat in the ground - in which people play in on hot we went there. It was a bit late in the day, but still warm...when we arrived, there were people everywhere setting up chairs and the like, when I grabbed one of the minions and asked what was going on. She said that they were going to have a live band play, then (and here she points to the fountain area)they were going to show a movie on the GIANT screen that they were inflating. Intrigued, I asked "What movie?"

Guess what she said : )

That's right, Patty and I saw this local orchestra, then sat under the stars as we watched RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK with about ...oh, I dunno....150 of our closest friends! It was great!! The best part? Patty had never seen Raiders!!

Tonight I am meeting her and a few of her Peruvian friends for an Indy night, since the dvd's have the Spanish language track : ), and she now seems hooked : )....

Anyway, good to "see" you guys again.....I'll try to get back over on a regular basis....


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