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Posted by Micah [] on Wednesday, September 29, 2004 at 8:08pm :

In Reply to: Re: Why didn't Lucas like Darabont's script? posted by James from ( on Wednesday, September 29, 2004 at 4:44pm :

: I really don't think Darabont or anyone else had plans to kill Indy off. When you consider how they've stressed not wanting to 'leave a bad taste' with the audience, it's unlikely they would've tried to go out on such a downbeat note.

I agree, although that doesn't prevent me from throwing it out there to get a response... :)

: It's an interesting suggestion that Lucas may not be the only one who disliked it. He does get the short end of everything these days, although his own admission that he wanted to 'make a pass at it' for his own benefit seems to support the notion that at least Spielberg was happy with it.

Darabont seems to think Spielberg liked it and Lucas did not, however, I guess it is possible that Spielberg had reservations but played the 'good cop' to let Darabont down easy and move onto another writer.

: My gut reaction from everything I read regarding it was that the script contained a slower-paced film than what we've come to expect. When you consider that Spielberg has long described wanting to provide Indy with a mature love story, along with the kind of direction his films have taken in recent years, it's safe to assume Lucas felt it needed a more Indy-ish pace. (I believe a 'lack of action' was even one of the reasons allegedly cited by Lucas.)

This theory strikes a chord with me. I can see Spielberg's recent career track and Ford's desire for deeper exploration of the Indy character to lead to a plotline with more weight, deviating from the general light-hearted, action-packed tone of the (more popular) Indy movies. Sky Captain, although purposefully corny and fantastical, has a tone approaching what moviegoers expect from Indy. Deviations from that could be the dealbreaker.


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