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Posted by Michaelson from ( on Thursday, October 07, 2004 at 3:32pm :

In Reply to: Re: Good heavens!!! posted by IndianaGJR from ( on Thursday, October 07, 2004 at 1:42pm :

You too, my friend. I'm in and out during the week, but you can usually find me 'lurking' somewhere in the shadows. (grins) Regards. Michaelson

: : Old home week! How in the world ARE you, old friend!? Been a LONG time. I was literally thinking of you last weekend as I was putting leather treatment on my eldest daughters Wested lambskin, the SAME lambskin I traded off of you years ago. It's still in the field, and ageing beautifully! You'll be proud to know, it's being worn by a almost degreed archaeologist. (she graduates the end of this semester!)

: : Yes, it's more than a rumor that Ford owns an Expedition. I remember when FS gave it to him, and there have been posts in the past of folks seeing photos of him wearing it when he flies his helocopter around his ranch. Hard to believe that particular jacket got it's 'start' right here at Indyfan, isn't it?

: : Good to see you're still around! High regards. Michaelson

: :
: : : : All points well made. Last time I spoke to Peter, he said he had not been approached by anyone concerning the fourth movie, but then again, as has been said above, why would he admit it if he had! Confidentiality is the name of the game, and the way you get future business with movie companies is to keep mum when it's required. To muddy the water, it's known that Ford owns and wears a Gibson and Barnes Expedition Indy jacket, and likes it, so would HE have any input to what they choose? Doubtful, but it's something to mull over while we wait.

: : : : I have heard another hat company was approached early this year to send several fedoras to the Paramount prop department for inspection for possible use, but nothing more has been heard since they were shipped.

: : : : So, the wait continues....Regards. Michaelson

: : :
: : : : : Lucas didn't have the foresight? The King of the Wookiee Mug? On the contrary, Michigan.

: : : : : Mass market versions of the jacket were produced around the time of 'Last Crusade,' and in fact this was the only option for people until the internet caught on and people began hearing of the Keppler's and the Schulte's of the world.

: : : : : Peter has a right to produce the jackets, since it was his original design, however I don't think that he can label the jacket as an Indiana Jones jacket without compromising copyright laws. This is just to protect the name of the character, mind you.

: : : : : Wested wasn't really secretive about working on the first two Star Wars prequels, so I doubt the company would be tight lipped if they were, in fact, producing the jackets.

: : : : : Point blank, Wested WILL produce the jackets for Indiana Jones IV because they worked on the first three and every one of the BIG 3 owns a current Wested. That kind of loyalty doesn't come cheap.

: : : : : I think that the fedora is open to debate, but not the jacket. You will see the familiar Wested on screen, and I'm pretty sure that some lucky gearhead will have the next jacket to roll off of the production line after the last film jacket is made.

: : : : : I think that this presents a positive possibility for the screen accurate camp, as the materials that go into producing the jacket for Indy IV will still be readily available.

: : : : : And if you don't think Lucas has the foresight, I'll bet Peter does, and he will order a hell of a lot more materials than needed for just the film.

: : : : : Cheers,
: : : : : Sean

: : : Michaelson,
: : : Long time no talk. Hope you have been well. Great to see you are still around! Is it rumored or in fact true that Ford does own a Gibson and Barnes jacket? I think its pretty amazing if he does. I own one. What an attachment i have to that jacket.
: : : Talk soon friend,
: : : GJR

: I'm glad to hear that jacket is doing well. A real archaeologist, wow!Good for her.You must be a proud father. My expedition croam goat is going on its third year. I feel its the best jacket out there. It just has a certain feel to it. Ford wears it! Thats just great. I never stopped coming to the forum. I check in once a month to read some posts. Its good to see there is still hope for the 4th movie. I know they wont make it if they feel its not good, or should i say Lucas. I just cant imagine what it will be about. Its always fun to here from you,
: God Bless,

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