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Posted by Sean from ( on Monday, October 11, 2004 at 12:50pm :

In Reply to: Need help with Emperors Tomb posted by Band Director Jones from ( on Sunday, October 10, 2004 at 8:47pm :

Xbox - Invincibility/Unlimited Ammo
Hold L&R while pressing: Up, Up, Down, Up, A, X, A, B,
Up, Down, Y, Start.

PC - Infinite Oxygen, Ammo, Health

Edit your default.cfg file in in the GameData\Indy directory and add the line ''cheats:1'' to enable Infinite Oxygen, Ammo, & Health. These codes cannot be turned on or off individually in-game.

Note: If you fall to your death or succumb to any other form of insta-kill death with these effects on, you will have to exit to the main menu, as the game will think you are still alive, but you will be unable to continue.

If you don't want to cheat (GOOD FOR YOU!) Here's a walkthrough that should help you at least find another medkit or help you anticipate what's around the corner!

Peng Lai Lagoon - The Secret of Peng Lai Lagoon, part 1

Indy starts this level underwater. Immediately surface and turn right to find
a ladder leading up to the docks. Kick open the three crates to find an O2
tank, a speargun and some spears. Dive into the water and head for the sunken
U-boat wreckage, avoiding the Nazi diver and the two prowling sharks. Swim
into the hull from the left and grab the demo charge lying in the middle of the
ship's skeleton. Continue forward and, once you've cleared the wreckage, start
upwards, turning left to take aim and fire at the diver situated near the
cracked wall. Once he's dead, set the charges and surface. Take a deep breath
and head on through the whole you just made.

In the underwater cave dodge the first shark while heading down and to the
left; head upwards through the opening and veer left towards dry land, aware
that another shark swims here as well (four sharks in one lagoon!). Kick open
the box here for a medkit. Turn around and climb up the vine, making sure to
climb pretty high before swinging on the ledge; for some reason Indy won't grab
this ledge. Turn right and make a long jump to the next ledge before chain
whipping across the gap towards the two pistol-packing soldiers.

Wait for them to climb down to fight Indy as they will be able to pick you off
easily if you try to climb up to them. Once they're done for, jump up the
ledge and enter the doorway to end the level.

Peng Lai Lagoon - The Secret of Peng Lai Lagoon, part 2

Start the level by running straight forward into the small alcove; turn right
and notice a small demo charge lying in the corner. Leaving the alcove, turn
right and set the explosives on a crack in the wall. Inside is a Panzershreck
(a bazooka), some ammo, and the next artifact, the "Sancai Plate". Continue
down the hallway to a gun turret; time to shoot some Nazis! Immediately shoot
the one on the ground before he has a chance to huck a grenade your way; turn to
the upper left corner to find another soldier taking potshots at you. Anytime
you hear a Nazi scream something, turn to this corner to deal with this guy.
There are a total of ten soldiers here (Note: this number may change depending
on the speed with which you kill them) so keep alert until the Indy triumph
music begins.

When the men are dead, head down the hallway (sorry, no ammo from the corpses)
until a cutscene begins. Run to your right and down some ledges to the beach.
A soldier patrols the scaffolding with a Mauser so be careful. When he's done
with check the cabin for MP-40 ammo. Return to the scaffolding to find an
elevator. Either take out or ignore the Nazi at the top. From the elevator,
turn left and run around the structure to a ladder; climb it to find a zipline.

From the roof you land on, drop down to take care of another soldier; watch out
for a second exiting from the shack you originally landed on. When they're
done for, run away from the crane towards a large garage door to find a crate
with a medkit. Now, enter the crane and use the arm to lift the floating
platform into the air (remember, once you've grabbed it, to push up to lift it
as high as it will go). Swing the platform over to the right to rest next to
the cliff fortress. Climb up the crane's internal ladder and run out onto the
arm; jump-whip swing to the hanging platform. Line up your jump so that you
hit the edge of the cliff fortress perfectly straight, otherwise, you will
fall. Should you fall, a small elevator next to the crane will lift you
back up to the docks, though you'll have to climb up the crane again. Once
in the cliff fortress, pull the switch to call the elevator.

Hope this helps.

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