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Posted by Inby from user-2inies8.dialup.mindspring.com ( on Monday, November 15, 2004 at 2:10am :

In Reply to: News Site Suggestions posted by Renderking Fisk from user-105n8ju.dialup.mindspring.com ( on Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 8:07pm :

Looks like you've put a fair amount of effort into that site. At the risk of challenging one of the foundation elements of your design, I'd suggest that categorizing the 'daily updates' b y subject might aid scanning for information of particular interest. The 'daily update' aspect is interesting, and useful if one looks at the site every day, and does help one to keep abreast of recent events. However, maybe compartmentalizing items by subject (e.g., politics, music, Hollywood, WW2, etc.) might help steer the casual user to areas of special interest.
The chronological listing is ok, again if one trusts a viewer to check in every day. Just my 2 cents.
One of the more provocative and potentially fascinating topics you suggested was "current events and how they relate or differ from those events of our favorite era" and "a section dedicated to YOUR local political issues". I've read over the available "rants" etc. on your site and have been left grasping for understanding of the relationship between said "rants" and the "Traditional Values" of which you write. In other words, I think it might be helpful if the site was more explicit in defining these "Traditional Values", in order to articulate the connection between the past and current events/politics.
It would be a most interesting exercise to explore current social/political issues through the lens of 1920s-1940s social geography, and to highlight the social/ethical/moral continuities that support your author's particular thesis.
In other words - although I don't happen to share the 'conservative' viewpoint I think you're supporting - I'm all for the exploration of these topics; but I think it's crucial, given the premise of your site, to articulate the connection between the present and the so-called "Golden Era". Such an articulation might really strengthen your case for the on-going value of "Traditional Values", depending on the strength of the argument, of course.
Oh, one more thing - I'm not the biggest fan of the site's title font; it seems to me (and to others) a bit too crypto-Aryan. But that's an aesthetic choice, of course, and not mine to criticize. Cheerio.

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