Hey Bert... I mean Bret ;-)

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Posted by The Fiddler from 168-103-128-12.bois.qwest.net ( on Monday, November 15, 2004 at 5:03pm :

In Reply to: Hey Fiddler! posted by Brett Maverick Lambert from d198-166-53-158.abhsia.telus.net ( on Sunday, November 14, 2004 at 6:27pm :

Glad you enjoyed it man. How're you doing?

I worked hard to make the soundfx good, as I watched plenty of fanfilms that I liked but was very dissapointed in the sound. As you can kinda hear in the behind the scenes/outakes video, I talked my lil' Bro's through a lot of it. This made the original audio unusable in most of the film, so I had to recreate EVERYTHING (audio-wise) for a lot of the shots.

Glad you made the connection of my tribute to Young Indy, I wondered if anyone would.

It actually looks like we MAY be filming part one over Christmas... but we'll see.

Thanks again man! Good to hear from you.

: I just watched your little film and I must say I enjoyed it! Well done, sir.

: You did a great job of the sound effects, sound mixing and all that stuff to enhance the experience of an Indy film (gotta love that Wilhelm scream!). Of course your little brothers' acting was on the amateurish side (what else could you really expect, I doubt they're Julliard trained actors ;)), but it was a charming 6 minutes of my time.

: And I really appreciated how at the last frame, you faded to black and white (with the "grainy" film stock) to tip your hat towards the Young Indy episodes. VERY nice touch.

: If you get to complete your trilogy, I'll definitely take a look.

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