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Posted by Tim Elliott from 66-214-140-50.gln-eres.charterpipeline.net ( on Monday, January 24, 2005 at 0:18am :

Hello, all - hope the new year's off to a good start. I received my custom Wested in January 2000 (Raiders, lambskin, cotton lining, brass fittings for those of you keeping score at home.) It was a rush job that was ordered at the first of November for a Christmas delivery. It turned into a new year's delivery - and as a result of the rush, the finish on the jacket was disappointingly sloppy.

The most noticeable problem is jacket pockets. The flaps all have little, white interfacing threads showing. One of the studs is off-center. The jacket pocket doesn't stay closed very well. The seams on the side straps are starting to show some normal wear and tear.

Otherwise, the jacket's aging gracefully, and I've given it the suggested leather treatment every year or so. As it gets older, though, the threads showing are becoming more noticeable. I want the jacket to look well-worn, not cheap.

Anyone out there have suggestions for a four-year overhaul? I'm in the Los-Angeles area, so any local suggestions would be even better.

Thanks to all,


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