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Posted by Reggie from ( on Sunday, February 06, 2005 at 4:50pm :

In Reply to: Indy a test pilot or combat pilot? Not likely either... posted by Goodsport from ( on Sunday, February 06, 2005 at 4:47am :

: : What kind of stuff do you guys think Indy Jones did in WWII. Since he was a college boy, maybe he entered the service and was a Lt? I can imagine him in a P-40!

:       Honestly, I seriously doubt that Indy ever served in the military again after serving in the Belgian Army as a teenager in WWI. He became a university professor even before WWII started and likely continued to teach throughout the WWII years and beyond (as well as continued with his archeological jaunts). He especially didn't seem to enjoy dealing with U.S. Army Intelligence by the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark ("Bureaucratic fools!").

:       Also, considering that he didn't know how to fly a plane at all in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1935) and barely knew how to fly a biplane (though he still didn't know how to land it) in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1938), I somehow doubt that he would've known how to fly something as advanced (at the time) as a P-40, or any other military aircraft of the time for that matter. Also, the fact that Indy was in his 40's in the 1940's would've made it difficult for him to fly constant combat missions even if he had previously devoted his whole life to the military, much less if he had suddenly started learning how to fly at that age.

:       Sorry, but Indy was a university professor/archeologist, not a test pilot or combat pilot. :(

:       Still, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is an awesome movie! :)

: -G
I dont think indy would have been a combat or test pilot either especially due to his age and his lack of 20/20 vision (WWII eye standards for persuit pilots). However I think Indy's image matches that of the P-40 and Indy in one would just look cool! As much as Indy hates Army intel, I think he would have hated nazis even more. Perhaps he would have goten into intelegence himself, as a spy maybe? After all, he did manage to get into the Brunwald castle and then get himself and his defensless father out of Germany in 1938. Jonse in the OSS?
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