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Posted by Jimmie from c-24-21-57-19.client.comcast.net ( on Monday, March 21, 2005 at 4:42pm :

In Reply to: Re: Ha ha ha haaaa....(sonufabitch) - and a TOYS McCOY sale.... posted by 3thoubucks from host-66-81-64-22.rev.o1.com ( on Monday, March 21, 2005 at 5:19am :

: "Crikey????? ... Stay home if you can (and get sateilte T.V.) What kind of guy thinks a Toys Mc Coys action figure is his ticket "out"????

Not my ticket out, freak.....just tryin to offload it to FANS as opposed to some other "spec" a$$hole on egay....

See here's the thing...I have a big boy job, and sometimes big boys are sent other places in the world to do these jobs...so I'm clearing everything out that I don't want to drag around with me - this includes an ancient Indy collection that's been doin nothin but gathering dust in boxes for the past 5 years...

Here's a tip though : so, you weren't interested? Keep your feeding tube shut! (now I remember WHY I don't come round here anymore...)

Anybody else serious about makin an offer, for this or the multitudes of other Indy stuff I have, let me know. Lists'/photos available...

Offer closes tomorrow. Then the blasted thing gets tossed onto ebay for someone who really wants it.

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