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Posted by Jimmie from ( on Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 2:54am :

In Reply to: Re: TM post FIXED - Prob solved....Aaaand this magic "scene" posted by Michaelson from ( on Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at 3:26pm :

: Maybe the scene mentioned from Raiders was one cut from general release. Just a theory....
: Regards. Michaelson

And a good one at that...this sort of thing happens all the time....moreso "back in the day"......
But y'know, does something like that described actually jibe with least how he USED to be? I can't recall any of his films (or anything in them) of that time promoting what could have been taken as so anti-American......what with his H.O. for family values and the like....

Even in ToD, what easily could have been an underlying tone of "the British are supressive jerks" - IE wiped out a nation's religion, as twisted as it may or may not have been - is instead painted along the lines of the cult as the "BAD GUYS" and Indy et al as "THE GOOD GUYS"...even the infamous dinner scene gives indications that Spielberg is rooting for the "Good Guys"....IMHO, anyway...

Hmmm...I could be straying into potentially dangerous water here....and a serious thought process required on my part.....he's starting to look seriously white supremist...yet I know he's wholly againt such a thing.....

I dunno...maybe I'm reading too much or too little into the guy's work. Maybe I should go all the way back to DUEL and start there before my head pops : )

Who the heck could we ASK that would know in an official capacity? I've seen pics/read stories of the ToD cut stuff (MAN!! I want to see that stuff!!), and the LC cut stuff.....even a bit cut from Raiders. What was the name of that Dr guy the Lucasfilm archives let in a few years ago to do the "complete cut" of Star Wars? HE might be the one to ask...hehe....

I've gotta get to bed....but good to see ya 'round, Michaelson.

"I'm dancin' like a monkey!"


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