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Posted by Fedora from ( on Sunday, March 19, 2006 at 11:24am :

In Reply to: Re: Ford Clearing His Schedule for Indy? posted by Fedora from ( on Sunday, March 19, 2006 at 11:21am :

: : One can only we've been 'wondering' on these very pages since the mid 90's....right Fedora? (grins)

: : Regards! Michaelson

: :
: : : : : Speilburg was asked about Indy 4 at The Oscars- he just shrugged and said maybe someday. Then they asked if there would be another Jurasik Park, and he got excited and said Oh, yes... there WILL be another Jurasic Park! .... You know, watching the Bonus DVD, Speilberg is on the sidelines directing Ford like a puppet on some strings in the Idol grab scene. Maybe Ford is refusing such tight direction since he became the highest paid actor in history, and Speilberg isn't eager to have Ford direct Ford's acting in another Indiana Jones movie?

: :
: : : From what I have heard regarding the post Oscar interview, it seem Steven is taking off a year or so. I really have my doubts as to whether they will ever get around to it. Another writer is supposed to work on the script. It is just hard for me to believe a script can be so much trouble. It is not they have had neophytes writing the things. Fedora

Geez, I forgot how to post here correctly!!! But, has it been that long Michaelson? Time flies and we all get older. I never used to wonder if Ford could pull off another Indy film, back in the 90's. Nowadays, I have more doubts. But, if they are gonna do it, for heaven sakes, do it this year. Fords, smile and leer would not be the same with dentures! Fedora

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