One Of Our Own Makes A Real Breakthrough On Indy IV (V & VI?)

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Posted by Sean from ( on Thursday, May 11, 2006 at 2:49pm :

An old friend of Indyfan has made a remarkable breakthrough in the production of the further cinematic adventures of our favorite intrepid archaeologist.

Many of you will remember Fedora, a longtime contributor to this Forum, and stalwart member of Indygear’s Club Obi-Wan.

For well over a decade, Fedora had quested for the perfect Raiders Of The Lost Ark style fedora, seeking the elusive look that has been lost for close to 25 years.

Through extensive and painstaking research, Fedora discovered that the secret to the highly coveted style was in an old English hat block, peculiar to that part of the World. The block was lost, and Herbert Johnson’s quality had declined. But Fedora pulled off what many thought impossible - he actually replicated the original block used to make the hats for Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

His discovery sent a shockwave through the gear community, and for many his hat represented the ultimate achievement – the last piece of the puzzle to obtaining the most popular Indiana Jones look.

Fedora took it upon himself to share his discoveries with the fan community, and the response was so overwhelming that he created a company, Adventure Bilt hats, dedicated to providing fans with the most screen accurate fedora, affordable to the average Joe, made with the highest level of craftsmanship and materials.

Here is where his story takes an unexpected turn. Fedora was working on a hat for a customer who turned out to someone highly reputable in film who had worked on movies such as Close Encounters and Independence Day. He suggested to Fedora that it was possible to get one of his creations into the hands of none other than Harrison Ford. This gentleman was doing some special effects work for Paramount, and the opportunity presented itself.

Fedora was elated – here was a chance to see what he had poured his blood, sweat and tears into, on the head of the man who had inspired him.

As if that wasn’t enough, the story took a turn that no one, including Fedora, saw coming.

He was contacted by his associate, who informed him that not only was Indy IV on the verge of pre-production with a finished script, but Deborah Nadoolman, Spielberg, Lucas and Ford were looking to go “retro” on the film, complete with Indiana Jones’ look in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and shot in the US and South America.

His contact proposed that the finished hat would be presented to Ford during production, since the 12 hats required for the film were to be produced “in house.”
Further, Fedora was advised that Ford would love the personal gift, and is a real down to earth guy who would take it to heart and cherish it.

Another turn in this exciting story was just around the corner. It seemed that pre-production was well underway, and everyone involved was getting into excitement mode and moving quickly toward phase one of production. Fedora was contacted by his associate and was informed that there was an outside chance that his hats could be the ones used in Indiana Jones IV. The costume designers could not find a hat maker who could replicate the look of the Raiders fedora, which opened up a window of opportunity for the Adventure Bilt. They wanted to see his hats. He promptly sent them pictures of his creation.

His contact informed him that IJ4 was about to go into media lockdown, and Fedora went on standby to see if he would get the contract to provide the hats for Indiana Jones IV.

Then the egg cracked. They wanted to see his hats in person, not pictures, and that it was possible to get the gift to Ford within the last week of May or early June.

Then on May 11th, Fedora announced another breakthrough in this compelling story. scripting on Indiana Jones IV was done. Contrary to media reports, Spielberg was not taking any time off and Indiana Jones IV was underway with all of the major players having just met in San Francisco over the project. Sean Connery has been confirmed as returning, with his health issues cleared. Crews were being formed and sets were being built. Harrison Ford had submitted his schedule, and the stars were aligning.

Here is the big bombshell. Not only was Indiana Jones IV in production, but it looks like there is a possibility to shoot two additional films in the series.

Finally Indyfans, after all the ups, downs and rumors, we have some first hand reports that the continuation of our beloved film series is underway, and that one of our members is involved in production.

To his credit, Fedora chose to share his story with the Indiana Jones fan community first, instead of the mainstream media. The man truly does embody the chivalry, charm and grace of our cinematic hero.

Of course, Fedora will be characteristically humble, but we all owe him a round of applause, a raise of the glass and a tip of the hat.

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