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Posted by Goodsport from ( on Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 1:27am :

In Reply to: Indy IV - What We Know posted by Sean from ( on Monday, May 15, 2006 at 11:16pm :

: I thought it might be handy to collect in one space everything we know about Indy IV, and go from there with theories and speculations.

: Indy IV is being made as you read this
: Harrison Ford and Sean Connery arereturning
: Portions of the film are being shot in South America
: The Producers are deliberately evoking the look and feel of Raiders Of The Lost Ark
: There is a potentially 5th and 6th film in the works

: Now, given this...what are the odds that the South America segments don't actually involve Harrison Ford as Indy, but say a twenty-something Jones under the guidance of Abner Ravenwood and his young daughter, Marion. Thematically the film could deal with Indy answering to the faults of his past, and as an opening sequence this could underscore what takes place later in the film...

: Let's go, guys and gals!

: Cheers,
: Sean

      This could an interesting idea in theory, but honestly, I’m sure that after waiting +15 years for a new bigscreen Harrison Ford Indiana Jones adventure, moviegoers won’t want to wait through 1/4 - 1/2 of the film for the Harrison Ford Indiana Jones to finally appear (I sure wouldn’t). However, having a younger Jones in the beginning may not be so bad if it was kept to the first 10-15 minutes of the film like it was in The Last Crusade.

      Though personally, I’d rather have no one from any of the previous Indiana Jones films return to the new films except for the already-confirmed Dr. Henry Jones, Sr. and maybe Sallah (and even then, only if Indy travels to Egypt or thereabouts). I instead want to see Indy partake in a brand-new adventure with a mostly all-new cast in mainly the same style as the previous films, not for him to suddenly be answering to the faults of his past or dealing with regrets – he’s Indiana friggin’ Jones, after all! While the action will obviously be toned down a bit due to Indy’s advanced age, I still want my money spent toward experiencing a rollicking Indiana Jones style pulp adventure once again.

      Besides, wasn’t Abner Ravenwood the preeminent expert on the Lost Ark of the Covenant, to the point that it practically became his life’s work? If so, then what would he be doing in South America, even in the 1920’s?


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