Frequently Asked Questions


--How do I pronounce ASSWHFHROI?
-The official pronunciation is Az-wiff-roy.

Posting Policies

--What can I talk about on the ASSWHFROI Forum?
-Obviously, discussion on Adam Sandler, Star Wars and Harrison Ford's hair are strongly encouraged. If you must, I suppose the occasional discussion of Indiana Jones is ok.

--What if I want to talk exclusively about Indiana Jones?
-Oh this is easy. Simply make your question or discussion include Adam Sandler, Star Wars or Harrison Ford's hair. For example, If Adam Sandler were to write a funny song about the Well of Souls do you think he would include the hieroglyphics of R2-D2 and C3PO? I can't see them on my TV. If only I had Harrison Ford's hair, maybe I could be a big time movie star and be able to afford a big screen TV. See... easy as pie...

--What if I don't want to talk about all this other crap?
-Not a problem. This is a joke.

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