. Indiana Jones: Special Edition
by Mercerton

Subject: Re: Indiana Jones Trilogy rerelease?
From: mercerton@aol.com (Mercerton)
Date: 1997/03/07
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc

>Will there be one in the near future, possibly to build up exitement for
>the new Indy movie?

Oh, of course. The Indiana Jones Trilogy Special Edition is already in the works. Already announced in the Raiders SE is that Indy will no longer shoot the Arab Swordsman, but will instead call the cops -- oh and the villains will only suffer from temporary headaches when the Ark is opened at the end, but when the smoke clears, they will have a religious epiphany and see the evil of their past ways.

But I've just received top secret information from LucasRehash Ltd. that in Temple of Doom, Mola Ram will no longer rip the heart out of that "hum-numb-shee-bah" sacrifice victim guy. Mola will now simply give him a noogie. Oh, and Willie's "Anything Goes" musical number at Club Obi Wan will be extended -- by ten minutes! Cool!

And in Last Crusade, a major digital enhancement of the script will take place so that the storyline follows Raiders EVEN MORE closely than it already does. Expect to see Paul Freeman and Karen Allen digitally replace Julian Glover and Alison Doody. (Psst...don't tell anyone this, but they're also digitally replacing River Phoenix with Sean Patrick Flannery -- but that's just between you and me, okay?)

Ah, the miracles of digital technology. It will be great to see the Indy films as George always intended them to be.

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