. Temple of Doom = Raiders

Excerpted from April 1982 American Film interview with Lawrence Kasdan:

In the first draft of Raiders, Indiana Jones is flying from the United States to Nepal. He's on the plane and he goes to sleep. There's a normal complement of passengers--a little old lady, some tourists, some Orientals. While Indy's asleep, the crew and all the passengers get up together, put on parachutes, and tiptoe out of the plane, leaving him there alone. The pilot has locked the cockpit, and the plane is headed for Everest or some other notable mountain. He wakes up, looks around frantically, and pulls out an inflatable life raft. He wraps it around his body while it's still uninflated and jumps out of the plane, pulling the inflation cord, and bounces safely down in the snow. Then he rides down the mountain using the raft as a sled. After we looked at it, we thought maybe that was over the line.

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