. Indy Trivia Contest Top 10 Results

The Top Ten

1st PLACE (217 points out of 227) Tie-breakers: (Rnd 1: 4 of 5) (Rnd 2: 6 of 6):
Doug Irving, IN, USA

2nd PLACE (217) Tie-breakers: (Rnd 1: 4 of 5) (Rnd 2: 4 of 6):
Gilles Verschuere, Sint-Martens-Latem, BELGIUM

3rd PLACE (215):
James Lambert, Alberta, CANADA

4th PLACE (209):
Jaimee Comstock-Skipp, CA, USA

5th PLACE (203):
Gina Rohekar, Ontario, CANADA

6th PLACE (190):
Jimmy Reeves, SC, USA

7th PLACE (183):
Scott Latman, MO, USA

8th PLACE (182):
Andrew Godzik, MI, USA

9th PLACE (177):
Sakis Perivolaris, Athens, GREECE

10th PLACE (176):
Dale Dassel, GA, USA

A message from Adam McDaniel:

The number of entries was extraordinary, from people around the globe -- USA, UK, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Greece to name a few. Ironically, nearly half of the top ten scores came from outside of the USA!

I was really amazed by the results. Though no one quite broke the autograph-winning score, I wasn't expecting you to. The top ten scores were close -- requiring Micah and I to check, re-check, and tri-check (is that a word?) them via constant email and faxes between his home on the East Coast and my home on the West Coast. We had to be sure to get them right, and often it caused many a fax jam. I can not thank Micah enough for his willingness to help out in double-checking the answers; it really did take us a long time.

I also must give due attention to you, the players. I was overwhelmed by your vast knowledge, and can't imagine just how much research you had to cram into two weeks' time. I may make up the questions, but couldn't answer them if I was put in your position; whereas I had years of collecting materials as references, and spent several weeks writing the contest, there's no way I could meet the challenge the way you guys did. I hope you enjoyed it.

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