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May 4, 1998 Why Do Nazis Read Life Magazine?

Ethan Griffith writes: I'm a work study student at the Archives and Special Collections in the JFK library. At the beginning of Raiders when Indy boards the clipper plane on the way to Nepal, the Nazi Agent aboard watching him is reading a Life magazine. I found out while working we have a full collection of Life magazine starting in 1936, the year the movie takes place of course.

It turns out that this is the vol.1, number 2 , November 30th, 1936 issue. The very second issue of Life magazine. The young man on the cover in uniform is a student at Westpoint Academy. "Why is the Nazi reading this magazine?" you might ask. Interesting enough, pages 42 and 43 are dedicated to the water color paintings of Adolph Hitler.

May 3, 1998 Reel-Life Meets Real-Life

Cap'n Paul writes: During Last Crusade, when Indy is in class teaching, he tells his students, "Archaelogy is the search for facts. If it's truth you're after, Dr. Tyree's philosophy class is down the hall..."

In real life, Dr. Tyree was Harrison Ford's academic advisor at Ripon College in Wisconsin. This was when HF was majoring in philosophy and before he joined the Red Barn theatrical group. At the time, Dr. Tyree was also his friend although they had "a bit of a falling out" when HF bagged his studies and was flunked out of Ripon. Perhaps this was HF's way of burying the hatchet with his old friend.

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