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Posted by Ultraman Tiga from on February 25, 1998 at 13:54:00:

In Reply to: Cross of coranado posted by Harmonica on February 25, 1998 at 05:44:05:

: I haven't seen many of the Young Indys and I was just wondering does he ever have to go after and get(and inevitiably lose) the Cross of Coranado from The Last Crusade?

: - Harmonica

No. In the entire series, Young Indy only really sought one artifact (this would be a small wooden statuette called the Jackal). He helped to discover it in a tomb in 1908 Egypt and then it was stolen. He pretty much knew who did it, but the thief was long gone before they could catch him. Later, the teenage Indy is in Mexico in 1916 and gets caught up in Pancho Villa's revolution, but the thief has swtched trades to gunrunning, and shows up to hawk his stuff. Indy trails him back to his store-house and sneaks around when he thinks the thief is gone. He finds the jackal statuette in there, but the thief comes back, and they get into a fight that results in the death of the thief. Indy gets the piece into a museum, which closes the episode. All of this was in the premier episode, but the two stories will be seperated for the video release which will be put into chronilogical order. Instead, an entirely new episode was filmed to show Indy continuing his quest for the Jackal in 1908, just for the video release!

Young Indy did partake on a treasure-hunt in the made-for-cable "Young Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Peacock's Eye" - but he realized the quest was just leading him in circles and probably someone's elaborate hoax. So, he decided to return to schooling and get on with his archeology studies!

The only other tie-ins between "Last Crusade" and "Young Indy Chronicles" is the relationship between Indy and his father (the father is excellently portrayed by British actor Lloyd Owen). Their relationship is shown crumbling since thier travels began in 1908, and the movie "Young Indiana Jones: Travels With Father" specifically shows the only time they were very close together in 1910, Greece. The movie was framed by Sean Patrick Flanery's teenage Indy returning home after his service in WWI, only to find his even more estranged and thoroughly enraged father no longer welcomes him there. The YIJC series was a very strongly dramatic series, but never more poigniant than in that somber, depressing moment. The emotionalism that runs while Indy turns around and leaves is absolutely heartbreaking, and made a fine ending for the series, as it directly leads into the movie trilogy that presents us with the 'broken hero' we see in 'Raiders'!

Hope you appreciate the info. I loved 'Young Indy' and I am sad to know that's over, but I hope I've got you interested in seeing them when they arrive on video (whenever that will be). If you have any more questions, address them to me and I'll be glad to answer them!


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