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Posted by Dale Dassel from on February 25, 1998 at 21:29:18:

In Reply to: Re: Indiana Timeline validity posted by Brisco on February 25, 1998 at 20:07:55:

: : I read a post awhile back concerning what is and what is not
: : to be considered valid in Indy's history, i.e. the novels, comics,
: : and young Indy chronicles and movies. I would like to make a statement and tell the guy that said the Marvel comics are not
: : valid, that you are very wrong.

: That guy was me. The thread was about what is canonical Jones. As I said at the time, I was only expressing my opinion of what I personally consider "canon." And, personally, I don't consider the Marvel comics to be canon. Don't get me wrong, I have them all, and I enjoyed them quite a lot. Some were wonderful stories (particularly the Stonehenge one), and others were awful (the immortal Elizabethan madman comes to mind). The reason that I personally don't consider them to be canonical is because there are so many contridictions with the rest of the series of movies, TV shows, Dark Horse comics, and novels. Stonehenge, for example, plays different roles in the Marvel comic and "Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants" by Rob MacGregor. There is one extreme contridiction between the DH comic "Iron Pheonix" and the novel "Philosopher's Stone," but there were far more in the Marvel ones. This is mostly because that series was started when only Raiders existed, and so naturally it differed in later events as did the Marvel Star Wars series (which I also don't consider to be canonical). As long as we're talking about the Marvel Indy comics, "The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones," I had some problems with the series. As I said above, some were great. About half, I'd say. The ones that I tended to enjoy were the ones dealing with archeological artifacts, like the seventh nail or the calandar stone, or the plain "realistic" stories, like the Howard Chaykin one where Indy and Marion fended off gangsters from taking over a NYC nightclub. I didn't like the ones that were just plain silly sci-fi supernatural, like that Elizabethan's elixer, or the "Dragon by the Tail" series. (Though I did like the first story with the gold Ikon who came to life to avenge his death). Oh, and I also thought that Buffalo Bill's six shooters were not items of enough archeological importance for Indy to waste his time on. That's just me, of course. Anyway, what's "canonical" as someone else, I think Northy, said, is a matter of opinion. There is no right or wrong. And it's my opinion that the Marvel comics are not.
: Brisco

Oh, I seem to have misunderstood you. Please forgive me. But I,
like you, have all of the Indy series, and the movie adaptions, with
the exception of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade #1. I really
enjoyed the one with the Indian sacrafice girl, as well as the ones
that feature Captain Katanga and the good old Bantu Wind. You're right
that about half were good, and half were just plain cheesy. But I
found some of them very enjoyable, including Xomec's Raiders, my fave,
and, what I condider a definite MUST in the Indy storyline. Let me tell
you a quick story: I bought some of the comics at a small shop in
Shreveport, Louisiana, some in Ft. Worth, Texas, and some in Dallas.
The rest, I ordered by mail from Mile High Comics in Colorado. Well,
issue #7 was autographed my Kerry Gamill and Sam de la Rosa!!! I was
amazed. Apparently, the comic's previous owner had gone to a convention
sometime in the eighties and had it autographed. Cool, huh?

-Dale Dassel
: PS: Another thing I enjoyed about TFAIJ was the appearances you mentioned of other Indy characters, particularly Marion and Short Round. I wish Dark Horse had done some stories like that.

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