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Posted by Ultraman Tiga from on March 02, 1998 at 03:48:16:

In Reply to: From Russia With Love the 1st Indy Movie? posted by Ben James Bond Zimmerman on March 01, 1998 at 11:08:52:

Oh good grief, man! There are endless similarities between 007 and Indy. The least of which is the format of the films themselves - the Indy movies all start with a teaser sequence only loosely connected with the rest of the movie - just the way the Bond films do. But, wait! There's more!

When Raiders released in '81, Spielberg and Lucas both maintained they were influenced by Bond (there was another post concerning that somewhere around here). The 007 film that succeeded it in '83 was Octopussy and largely influenced by Raiders - the go-cart chase through the streets of Udapir (spell check) was an obvious homage to Indy's Cairo scenes AND a spoof of the truck chase all rolled into one! Bond's jungle-jinx were also directly influenced by Raiders, especially when 007 goes through a tarantula infested cobweb! At the films end, 007 had to one-up Indy by climbing around on an airplane instead of truck)!

Indy's next appearance was in '84 in TOD, where he also goes to India, and gets involved in a dinner sequence that was a one-up on the dinner-scene featured in Octopussy. Dinner scenes with the bad-guy are obligatory for Bond flicks, and the villain grossed out the audience when he plucked the lamb's eyeball and chomped on it at the table! In TOD, we have the now classic "Snake-suprise" and "chilled monkey brains" courses!

The next 007 flick was 85's A View To A Kill, which went one-up (again - are you sensing the freindly competition) by not only including a very similair mine sequence, complete with flood(!), but ALSO ended with the hero and villain engaged in Hand to Hand combat on a bridge! The Golden Gate no less!

When Indy bowed out in 1989, there were more than a few Bond flick homages other than Sean Connery. John Rhys Davies was also a Bond veteran, having appeared in Living Daylights, as was Alison Doody (A View To A Kill) and Julian Glover (who not only played the main bad guy in For Your Eyes Only - comes around goes around, hey? - but also appeared with Timothy Dalton in a 1971 version of Wuthering Heights, which also starred Ian Ogilvy, who had played the Saint after Moore left the show to do Bond, and you know the 1997 film THE SAINT also featured Micheal Byrne, who played Vogel in Last Crusade....huff-huff...


Last Crusade also featured a Venice Boat Chase Scene (Bond covered that in 1979's Moonraker, a little more effectively if you ask me) and also featured a train-top foot chase over a circus train (Bond did that back in Octopussy, also to more interesting results).

Anyway, sure there's more if you look for it. Have fun!


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