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Posted by David M. from on March 03, 1998 at 12:46:03:

In Reply to: Re: Help with Whip Ordering posted by Dale Dassel on February 22, 1998 at 15:28:27:

: : David, Each style of bullwhip will handle a little differently. The best way to figure out what type you should get is more or less based on what you going to be doing with it and space that you have to practice in. I get the impression that you just want a good over all bullwhip that will work fine for just about everything.

: : Regarding the bullwhips David Morgan makes, The heavier 12 plait "Indiana Jones" style kangaroo hide whips are more resistant to impact and damage with the wider cut kangaroo strands. The two plaited bellies add a lot to these whips. They are a well balanced, somewhat heavy whip that handles well and is very accurate. Over all they are a great whip. The 16 plait bullwhips that David Morgan makes are even better. They have that third plaited belly that adds to its strength and stability making it great for constant practice and accuracy. Its probably one of the top performer whips being made today. The only downfall is that the thinner plaiting on the thong makes it a little more prone to being damage if you accidentally hit something hard or sharp. The Australian bullwhips that David Morgan also carries, (the longer thicker handle type) is lighter whip than the two that he makes, its also has a faster action. Its a 12 plait kangaroo, while it still is a very good whip it only has a single plaited belly.

: : If you seriously want to get into whip cracking and you want the best bullwhip that will suit your requirements, In my opinion, get one of David Morganís 12 plait Indiana Jones style whips. It is normally easier to learn on a shorter whip. I would recommend a 6ft whip if your more interested in cutting targets, or multiple cracking tricks or an 8ft for more general use. This whip is accurate, and it will hold up to abuse better than the 16 plait. Plus if it turns out you donít like cracking whips, you still have a cool Indiana Jones collectors item.

: : Depending on length and workmanship of the whip, you can expect to pay from around $250 and up for a quality kangaroo hide whip. For all practical purposes a 12 plait whip is fine. When you first get a whip I would recommend greasing it with a good leather dressing. The Pecards leather dressing that David Morgan carries works really well. I like to avoid using kidney fat or tallow as it contains salts and have the potential to grow bacteria. Should you order a book? There are a couple good books out there that provide great information, but they are just books. I would really recommend getting the video tapes, they provide you with a lot of good information also, but you get to see what is being done, not just having it described to you. I have never ordered one of Matt Welsbys whip kits, but I will tell you this, Whip making is an art in itself, it would be pretty tough to go about making a good whip on your first try, with out knowing how a good whip is supposed to feel and act first.

: : Their a many whip makers and supplies out their that can get you a high quality whip. Many of them are online an are considered pretty good. In my opinion if your going to get an expensive whip, I would go with one of the more recommended suppliers. Both myself and Dale can provide good references for David Morgan, and Mark Allen is a very well respected whip cracker and supplier that carries quality bullwhips.

: : Hope this Helps, feel free let me know if you have any more questions.

: : Dan

: Thanks Dan. As Dan mentioned, it is best for a beginner to start
: with a shorter whip, as they are more accurate, and less likely to
: hurt you. I myself started out with an 8-foot bullwhip. Then I got
: another eight foot when that one wore out, then I moved up to a
: 10 foot latigo Texas bullwhip, before finally buying a serious
: bullwhip, and, the longest one David Morgan offers. They really
: are wonderful works of art. And, in my opinion, the best money
: can buy. I am fond of referring to my whip as the "Mercedes-Benz
: of Bullwhips" And the knob makes it look stylish, as well as handle
: exceptionally. They are master works by America's greatest whip-
: maker. But do look around and makes sure about the different types
: and styles of whips, as well as what you are personally looking for.

: -Dale Dassel

Thanks a lot to the both of you. I have decided to go with the 12 plait 8 ft. bullwhip, though I have quite decided where to buy it yet. I am still awaiting word on Matt Welshy's prices.

David M.

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