The Feel of Last Crusade

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Posted by Shatterhand from on March 07, 1998 at 16:28:14:

Just last night I was flipping through the channels on the TV and lo and behold- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was on HBO. Which is kinda odd since the movie *is* almost a decade old(where the time goes I will never know). I watched through the movie and what seemed odd was that it had a different ,ah, "feel" to it comparing to the other Jones movies(though Crusade is my favorite) I don't know if anyone else noticed this though. Raiders and Temple were much more fast paced and awakening while Crusade also has a lot of awesome action sequences , but just seemed more tired. Although it also felt darker (not just dark as in lighting but dark in mood, Temple was dark in lighting but light in mood). Still this feel wasn't very noticeable through out the beginning-middle of the movie. Then the "feel" seems to hit full on once the action of the movie hits the dessert. The scene in that temple(which was unrealistically large) left me depressed and wanting to see Raiders or Temple for some reason. Maybe some fan out there also had this feeling.

Oh and one final question: If Last Crusade was released before Raiders would you're opinion on both of the movies change?


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