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Posted by Dale Dassel from on March 09, 1998 at 22:24:28:

In Reply to: whips posted by indee jonez on March 09, 1998 at 19:49:45:

: Those david morgan whips everyone is talking about.....are they strong enough to support your body weight so you can swing on it like indy does?

Well, you see it done in the movies don't you? Of course they
can! They are built with two plaited bellies, and are made of kangaroo
leather, the strongest and lightest leather in the world that is
suited to whipmaking. The whips can do these things, but I wouldn't
recommend it. I'm just satisfied by the fact that they CAN, but I'm
not about to test it. Anything can break, no matter how well-
constructed it is. Why push it? I payed $520 for my 12 foot Indiana
Jones bullwhip, and I'd hate to see it break. Don't forget, in the
movies they have dozens of whips of many different lengths to use for
all their stunts. Some are cable-center bullwhips which are designed
to be swung on. But hanging your whole body weight from a whip, or
swinging on it and causing it strain will stretch the thong out of
shape and possibly break the bellies or strands. Even though these
whips are specifically designed for taking the wear and tear of stunt-
work, the whip is not used to that kind of strain. It's not built for
that. They are, however great for cracking and for pulling things out
of people's hands, as well as defending yourself against marauding
animals, or people, provided that you know how to use one well. It
is a great tool for the world-travelling adventurer or archaeologist.
I would recommend one highly, but be prepared to dish out $300-$550
for one. But rest assured that these are the best whips in the world.
I am speaking as a highly satisfied customer.

-Dale Dassel

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