Indy prefers redheads

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Posted by Dale Dassel from on March 10, 1998 at 17:06:52:

Has anybody noticed that Indiana Jones seems to prefer redheads?
Lat's take a look at the majority:

Peril at Delphi: Dorian Belcamus hair: black
Dance of the Giants: Deirdre Campbell hair: red
Seven Veils: Deirdre Campbell hair: red acknowledges as same
Genesis Deluge: Katrina Zobolotsky hair: blonde
Unicorn's Legacy: Mara Rogers hair: blonde
Interior World: Salandra hair: red
Sky Pirates: Gale Parker hair: red
White Witch: Gale Parker hair: red acknowledged as same
Philosopher's Stone: Alecia Dunstin hair: red
Dinosaur Eggs: Alecia Dunstin hair: red
Hollow Earth: Ulla Tornaes hair: blonde (ALSO Alecia/red)
Temple of Doom: Willie Scott hair: blonde
Raiders: Marion Ravenwood hair: black
Last Crusade: Elsa Schneider hair: blonde

The results clearly show that the greater majority of
Indy's female adventure partners have red hair. (Results may vary
based on preference.) That's the fine print. Anyway, this post is just for fun, so don't take it at face value. I just had this idea
to run a quick poll with this armload of Indiana Jones novels which
are falling off my computer desk!!!! Gotta' go!!!

-Dale Dassel

P.S.-How much you want to bet that Indy's girl in Secret of the Sphinx is a redhead?

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