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Posted by Aragorn from on March 15, 1998 at 22:28:36:

In Reply to: Re: Indy (or lack thereof) posted by The Northlander on March 13, 1998 at 22:19:28:

: : I for one am sick of waiting for Lucasfilm! Does anyone else feel as though we as Indy fans are getting screwed over by Star Wars? I mean, I ~truly~ love Star Wars with all my heart. But it's like, no one has time for Indy anymore. There are 400 million Star Wars books, specials, videotapes, video games, collectors items, toys, etc. Meanwhile, we as Indy fans have to wait more than a year for a single book, which most likely isn't even going to be that good. We are STILL waiting for videotapes of Young Indy which were supposed to be released a year ago. And do I really need to mention that a feature film was promised to us and we still have nothing but rumors?? The Lucasfilm Fan Club has now been reduced to the STAR WARS Fan Club with a magazine that contains one paragraph about Indy if we are lucky enough in every issue. Why is Indy getting screwed by Star Wars?? WHY WHY WHY????

: Good question! Have any of you actually written to Lucasfilm about this? I'm sick of the way Indy is getting shoved aside constantly! I want another Indy movie! I want another Indy computer game! I want crappy Kenner Indy figures that don't look like him and won't even stand up! When I was a kid Indy was right up there with Star Wars in most people's minds. What happened to make Star Wars so much more "important"? Is Lucasfilm honestly THAT busy with the new Star Wars movies that they can't even get some Indy stuff out here for us? I'm sure there are companies that would love to promote Indy some more if they knew a new film was coming SOON.

: -Northy-

I say you're both right! I say it's time someone who knows how to DO something took over the Indy franchise (if you could call it that anymore), seeing as how Lucasfilm obiously doesn't care about it anymore. I, personally, would pick Indy over Star Wars any day! Can't the Lucasfilm guys see that???


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