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Posted by Carly Lahana from on March 27, 1998 at 01:55:17:

In Reply to: I guess we should all listen to Northy posted by Gretzky on March 25, 1998 at 20:58:47:

: : : If you think its the greatest movie of all time your either a chic, or a homo who knows nothing about movies.. It was a good movie, thats it.

: : Dude, Titanic IS the greatest of all time - according to how the poster rated it (by money it has earned). I'm pretty sure there's a REASON it made all that money, too. (The reason: It's an amazing, well made film.)

: : So Gretzky, based on your lengthly, difinitive review of Titanic, it sounds like you know a lot about movies... care to enlighten the rest of us?

: : -Northy-

: Actually, like I said, it was a good movie... I liked it. Thats about it though. And the reason it made so much money is because females, especially little 15 and 16 year olds who love leonardo went and saw it fifty times just cause they think hes so cut. And how much money a movie makes has nothing to do with its greatness. just check out a movie like Independence day, how bad was that and how much money did it rake in. then look at how much an awesome movie like Shindlers list made, and Braveheart. they made little in comparison. Anyways, sorry to have offended you Northy..please forgive me. And the thing is, that guy didnt bother just praising Titanic, but instead shunned my favorite movie(and greatest movie of all-time in my opinion). How lame is that. Once again i apologize o righteous one

: To the guy who reckons Indiana Jones Sucks - ]
Urm, hellooo, cool movie. I happen to be a 15 yr old girl, and I think Harrison Ford rocks and Leonardo DiCaprio sucks. Hmmm, Han Solo, Indiana Jones, The Fugitive vs Romeo and Juliet (Leo dies) and Titanic (Leo dies again). I mean, come on, Harrison is obviously a better actor, and at least he can survive. Leo has a nasty habit of dying all the time. The Indiana Jones series are my equal favourite movies (other is Star Wars) of all time, and coming here and hassling us Indy fans was a BIG mistake, buddy. I hope you know just what you've gotten yourself into. Raiders of the Lost Ark is a movie to be respected, and people who like it should be respected too. Hey, at least on Raiders, they didn't sink the boat. . .

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