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Posted by Carly Lahana (I happen to LIKE IJ) from on March 27, 1998 at 02:06:03:

In Reply to: Re: Check it out! posted by Yoda Boy on March 23, 1998 at 16:54:36:

: : : For any of you who are interested in seeing what sorts of books are available for the Indiana Jones Roleplaying Game from West End Games I now have a page with pictures and information on all of the books I own. Even if you're not interested in roleplaying, these books contain a lot of interesting information for Indy fans!

: : I think Titanic is the best movie ever made you sorry losers. I've seen it 12 times so far. I even have the script downloaded from the net and know it by heart. I'm so glad that it is now the number one movie of all time. ( I know Star Wars made most of its money 20 years ago when ticket prices were alot chepaer but I failed my course in economics that dealt with inflation. So you sorry losers Titanic Rules ha ha ha ha ha.
: : I bite my thumb at thee Indy Fans.

: Titanic may have made a lot of money off of sappy people with too much free time on their hands but that doesn't make it a better movie. For example, Titanic will never have the cool merchandise that Star Wars and Indiana Jones have. You'll never see Titanic action figures, novels, video games and comics. All Titanic fans have is an unoriginal soundtrack with mannish Canadian diva Celine Dion belting out "My Heart Will Go On". (You ever wish you could remove other people's posts? Damn freedom of speech...)

: To the pathetic little sap who seems to get kicks over hassling good movies: Swallow your thumb, you crietan. Maybe Titanic made more money than Star Wars or Indiana Jones, but there was a teeny tiny difference in budjets there. Titanic: 200 million. Star Wars: 10 million. Indy Jones (Raiders) 77.7 million. As far as I'm convinced, SW and IJ both had better fx than in Titanic. Oooh, the boat sinks. Wow. Plot lines were different too, at least in Raiders of the Lost Ark you're not going sarcastically 'Gee, I wonder what happens?' And anyway, Harrison rulz, and Leo sucks. So there.

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