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Posted by Harmonica from on March 27, 1998 at 05:15:09:

In Reply to: TITANIC on the INDY Board posted by Ultraman Tiga on March 27, 1998 at 01:48:49:

I am really getting sick of people saying that anyone who doesn't like
Titanic is only saying that because of the success of the movie. Can't
they accept that some people mightn't like the movie. It would be a
very boring place if everyone liked the same stuff. Persnally I'm glad
that some people don't like the Indy films. If every single person who
saw them, loved them then they wouldn't be special.
When someone says to me that Raiders is a crap film I don't think
"they're only saying that because of it's sucess".
I agree that a small minority of people don't
like certain movies because of their sucess, but I have met a lot of
people who don't like Titanic for good reasons (including myself).

It certainly wasn't the hype that turned me off the movie. I tend to
try not to listen to the hype, and I loved Jurassic Park which was
one of the biggest hyped movies of the decade over here.
I went to Titanic knowing two things, They had gone seriously over
budget( what movie hasn't) and that Jim Cameron had directed it.
I presumed that because of Cameron's involvement in the movie that
it was going to be good. I was completely wrong.
I felt that the movie centered on Jack and Rose's charactors
way too much. Kate and Leonardo's performances were not strong enough
to carry a movie. Plus they were surrounded by interesting real life
people who had to settle for supporting roles. The designer,
The captain and many others had hardly anything to say in the movie.
Cameron should have taken some artistic liberty and developed their
charactors. Apart from the Celi scene the poor people on the ship are
practically ignored for the first part of the movie and then, we're
supposed to care about them in the second half. By the time the ship
sank I didn't have an emotional attachment on any of the charactors
so I couldn't care less and just sat back and watched an hour of
amazing, but uninvolving special effects.

I don't see why this thing has developed into a kind of INDY and
Starwars V's titanic battle, but because you brought up the issue I'll
address it. You siad that the Titanic movie will outlast them because
the story has been told for the last 80 years and will be continued to
be told. The story of Titanic will outlast Starwars but Jim Cameron's
Titanic will not. I might as well say that the Indy films, Schindlers
List, and The Longest Day are the same thing because they were all
based around WWII. In creating Indy and Starwars, Lucas created a
brilliant Charactor, and a whole world. In 20 years time if there are
spin off novels, games, fan clubs etc for Jack and Rose and all the
ficticious charactors that Cameron created then his movie will have
outlasted Starwars.

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