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Posted by Michaelson from on March 28, 1998 at 09:46:37:

In Reply to: TITANIC on the INDY Board posted by Ultraman Tiga on March 27, 1998 at 01:48:49:

: I could see why that movie would crop up here. YIJC and TITANIC have very similiar themes and motives (and both lead actors sport the same haircut)! Not too mention, there is an YIJ book that deals (very poorly) with his presence on the ship.

: As for TITANIC I can't see why some of you are bashing it just because it got the success it deserved? It succeeds on several levels, the least of which are the outstanding effects and melodrama.

: The one big complaint I've heard about it is that it is TOO melodramatic. OK, but that's what falling in love is really like (very often anyway). Okay, so there are a bunch of modernistic lines and phrases - on the other hand the lady Rose is recounting the story, and the people listening have to actually form the scenes in thier own minds, being the images that we as an audience see (this is further evidenced by the looks on everyone's faces when the story comes back to the modern times again) - there, that explains THAT!

: Other than that, I defy anybody to REALLY point out what is wrong with the movie itself? So the song's gotten annoying - but it was quite nice to begin with, wasn't it (thanks to Horner - heck I even HATE C. Dion with a passion and even I can admit that). You can't hold the hype against the actual movie, and if you do you are being a very close-minded critic. The hype is a result of the movie having been so good to begin with, as with what happens to just about every four-star, multi-award winning movie.

: To the person that claimed this movie won't last as long as STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES - the TITANIC story has been told HOW MANY TIMES in the last 80 years? And the general public is still fascinated even with the story focusing on a singular event? I'm sorry, but in the late 80's STAR WARS was an endangered species, and as for Jones, he's an endangered species RIGHT NOW! It's been twenty years and STAR WARS is only just now getting back on it's feet. TITANIC will have no problem with that!

In reponse only to the last question.....The Titanic story has only been told that many times for the last 80 years because it has been one of the greatest mysteries of our time and century. The ship was only found in the mid 80's, it's whereabouts unknown all that time. The mystery of the why it sank is STILL being debated as this is being written. The key phrases here are mystery and unanswered questions. Not love story and warm/fuzzy feelings that the movie sells, as well as the heart throb actor the people are buying tickets to see over and over again. The original writer to the forum that started this whole fracus was comparing the Titanic movie to the Indiana Jones and Star Wars "empires", and I still stand by the belief that this movie will not hold a candle for the same period of time of popularity as these two have. Good grief, let's face it, you're talking about literally two generations now who have seen and embraced IJ and Star Wars as a continued or new hobby. Only time will prove this out. As to these two "dieing" out as you state, I believe Mark Twain said it best, "That the rumor of my death seems to have been slightly exaggerated!". If you've been reading this forum at all, you see daily writers who have JUST discovered Indiana Jones, and are asking the original questions as to the where and how they can obtain information that is common knowledge to the masses who have followed the story all these years. The Titanic is based upon fact. It's story cannot be evolved, changed, or diverted. Star Wars, and Indiana Jones are fiction, and because of this, we can twist the stories any way our imagniations want, and THAT is what will always keep them alive. I fully support and appreciate your opinions, I just don't agree with them, and THAT keeps this forum from getting boring, doesn't it? Keep 'em coming! Regards. Michaelson

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