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Posted by Indiana Giles from on April 06, 1998 at 23:50:23:

In Reply to: Re: Letterboxed Indy posted by Laurie Jensen on April 03, 1998 at 14:32:44:

On my last trip to London, I found the HMV on Oxford St. had a great selection of hard to find videos as well as videos with alternate endings. For instance Army of Darkness, European Version, has a different ending to the American version. It may be a place to start. I found their staff to be very helpful.
: : : :
: : : : Was a Letterboxed verson of the indy movies ever released on VHS.

: : : A letterboxed VHS version of The Indiana Jones Trilogy has never been released in the U.S. However, widescreen video sets are available in Australia and England.

: : I live in England and have been trying to get hold of a widescreen Indiana Jones Trilogy box set for some time. As far as I know they were released at some point in a limited edition or something. The only Indy videos on general release are the pan-and-scan ones. If you know of any secret store of them somewhere I would be grateful if you'd tell me about it.

: Living in the U.S. I'm not really familiar with how to order difficult to find videos in the UK, but I can try to give you a few ideas. Have you tried asking video stores if they could order you the videos? Major U.S. chains, like Suncoast, can usually find videos they don't have in stock and order a set for you. If that doesn't work out I would try some of the British film magazines like Flim Review. Film Review has a question and answer segment where fans often enquire about video releases in the UK. The magazine also has a lot of ads from suppliers and fans who might have the videos. If you're willing to pay the money you can also put out an ad in the classified section for a boxed widevision set. A final possibility might be to order the Australian version the trilogy. I'm not sure if UK and Australia video technology is compatible, but if they both run on PAL you should be able to run the same tapes. I wouldn't know how you would go about ordering the set from there, unless you had a friend to send you the tapes or another Indy fan willing to send you the tapes for the price plus shipping or some sort of memorabilia trade. I"m really irritated that Lucasfilm makes us go through hoops to find something as basic as a videotape; these films were made for widevision. At any rate, good luck in trying to find the tapes. I hope that this helped.

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