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Posted by Korycinski from on April 08, 1998 at 07:18:11:

In Reply to: Re: Crusade Blooper posted by Dale Dassel on March 13, 1998 at 11:36:32:

: : : : :
: : : : : He could fit his gun in the holster, he was just holding it so it wouldn't fall out. Here are some other crusade bloopers though. (there's more I know, but here's just a couple):

: : : : : How can they open their eyes in PETROLEUM?

: : : : : When Indy's hanging on the side of the tank, the reason he couldn't clim up the first time is because the strap from his satchel was stuck. But once that tank turns he just clims straight up with no problem at all!
: : : : :

: : : : Well, point 1, regarding the gun, so? Yes, it would fall out, I'd hold it too. How is that a blooper? Point 2, petroleum is lighter than water. The flamable liquid was floating on the surface, they were under the surface. Watch any WWII movie where there are oil fires around ships. Fire on top, water underneath. Point 3 was covered a long time ago on the forum, but after watching the 3rd movie again this past weekend (and it had been a while since I had watched it), you can see it drop below his arm as he climbs, clearing the barrel of the tank. Granted, it's fast, but it is there. The only thing that ever disturbs me about the scene under the library is who in their right mind would carry a lit Zippo lighter over a KNOWN pond of flamable liquid. As my family says everytime we watch this movie, "Where's his flashlight?!!" Regards. Michaelson

: : : Well, as long as we're on the subject of Last Crusade errors, I'd
: : : like to inform everybody that there are no catacombs under the city of
: : : Venice. As I recall reading somewhere, Venice is built on a thousand or
: : : so small islands. Something to that extent, anyway.
: : : Michaelson is right in saying that the petroleum would float at
: : : the top of the water, much like putting cooking oil in a bowl of water,
: : : it only stays on the surface.
: : : Check this out. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, but thanks to editing,
: : : we do not see the Brother of the Cruciform Sword, who deftly leapt onto
: : : Indy's boat as it left the dock, slide across it and continue, into
: : : the water. There's no way that anyone can say this is not so. If you
: : : don't believe me, go put Crusade in the VCR and check. There's no way
: : : that guy made it!!! But we don't see it, though.
: : : Another thing, when Indy and Henry are flying in the plane, there's
: : : no way Indy's fedora would have stayed on his head in that wind. It
: : : would have blown off the minute he crawled out of the zeppelin. If
: : : any of you have the Last Crusade making of... video, then you've seen
: : : the deleted footage of the tank/horse chase where Indy's hat blows off
: : : about twenty times. Harrison had to put a headband on and staple the hat
: : : to it!!!
: : : If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

: : : -Dale

: : Yep, Dale, the boat stunt is the OTHER thing my family always points out. We watched it last saturday, and everyone said "There he falls again!". Don't you hate it when you have non-Indy types critiqueing your movies for the sheer meaness of it!? Oh well, I do the same to theirs too. Regards. Michaelson

: Well, me and my dad are the only people in this household who enjoy
: watching the Indy movies. Actually, Dad is the person who first showed me
: Raiders back in 1986 and said that Harrison Ford is the greatest actor
: in the world, and that he always kicks ass. From then on, I was hooked!!!
: Nobody here ever criticizes Indiana Jones. But I do enjoy taunting my brother,
: a diehard Star Wars fan that Star Wars could never happen, but Indiana Jones
: could have been a real person. My other favorite thing to say, as I walk
: around with my bullwhip slung over my shoulder is how it's "too bad
: lightsabers don't really exist, and the best you could do is buy a $300
: Icon reproduction, which is just a useless handle." But don't get me
: wrong, I love Star Wars, too. But it's all in fun.
: When it comes to spotting errors, it's just observation on my part,
: I don't criticize it. But it's kind of fun to pick them out. It does not
: ruin the story though. That's the great part about the Indiana Jones films,
: even if you know how they're made, and you can pick out all the errors,
: and you watch it two million times, it's still as cool and adventurous
: and new as the first day you saw them!!!

: -Dale

There were some things that bothered me about the Last Crudade film too. The most obvious one (and not mentioned here) is during the Venice river chase sequence. The boat Indy and Elsa are in gets shot up by the Brothers of the Cruciform Sword. Smoke pouring out of the engine and the only reason they are caught up with is because the motor dies. However, after the other boat is smashed by the propellor, they ride off in an excently running boat.

The other one (mentioned here) is when Indy is caught by his shoulder strap over the mushroomed-out barrel of the tank. Nobody, nohow, could fall off a tank and have the shoulder strap loop over the end of that barrel. Likewise, caught as it was, he'd never be able to get unhitched and back up on the tank the way it was shown.

And lastly, while in the catacombs of Venice, there's the point where they are walking and Indy's carrying an impromptu torch of a leg bone and rags. At one point a flaming bit of rag falls from the torch. That itself would've set off the conflagaration.

But still, love the movies to death.

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