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Posted by Rob Roy from on April 08, 1998 at 13:15:40:

Can some good soul please explain to me just WHAT IN THE HELL Lucasfilm Ltd. is doing over there in Marin County?! I mean jeez, they allow an infinite number of Star Wars computer games, toys and all manner of merchandise for those three films, but for Indiana Jones? SQUAT! I've been waiting for a new Indy computer game for...well...since Fate of Atlantis came out! And "His Desktop Adventures" doesn't count! O.K, so they wanted to diversify the games and put out "The Dig" and "Monkey Island" and "Full Throttle", etc. Those were all great games, so what are they afraid of with Indy? He is easily their second best consumer product, yet they haven't licensed any remakes of toys like Star Wars Power of the Force, an ongoing comic book, new novels (as I understand it), or computer games. My beef is mostly with the computer games. "Tomb Raider" was a great game, but can you imagine if it was an Indiana Jones 3DFX enhanced game? (Well, don't imagine Indy wearing the tight shorts)

O.K. Take a breath (huf huf) I dunno. Maybe they're just protective of their star, and really are afraid of desensitizing the market with Indy stuff.

I'm done.

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