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Posted by Max Schulte from on April 10, 1998 at 02:27:42:

In Reply to: Re: Whip Ordering posted by Dan Borton on April 09, 1998 at 22:30:27:

: : Hi,

: : I always liked the Indiana Jones Movies. My personal favorite is 'Last Crusade'. Well, I've started my own Indy collection some time ago. At the moment I'm awaiting the arrival of my 'Raiders'-Jacket from England. I think this forum helped me a lot with my decision. I'll post a small message when I get it whether it's good or not.
: : Well, I'm really interested in buying the original Indiana Jones whip from the David Morgan store and learning the art of whipcracking. I already contacted him and he told me that the whip used in the movies was the 10ft. version. However, he recommended the 6ft. or 8ft. version first because they are easier to keep off the ground.
: : Now I've got some further questions: Isn't it possible to learn with the 10ft. whip as well and is the whip really worth the money? 300-500$ is quite expensive, isn't it? Another question is, how tolearn whipcracking. By video or with a book? I'd really appreciate your help...

: : Thanks a bunch,

: : -Max

: Hi Max, It is possible to learn how use a whip with a 10 ft whip. Its just easier with a shorter whip. I normally recommend folks start out with an 8 ft whip for general use, or a 6 ft whip if they are planning to do more target cutting or precision work. While many of the whips used in the movies were 10ft, both longer and shorter versions were used for various stunts.

: In my opinion the David Morgans whip are worth the money. Its a top of the line whip expertly made by one of the best in the business. They handle extremely well and it is the Indiana Jones whip. There are copies of Indy’s whip available for a little less though.

: The best way to learn how to use a whip is to practice. The book is a good source of information, But I think you will find the video tapes more helpful, Especially the Whip Cracking made Easy series. The Art of the Bull Whip is also a really good tape too. You might also want to check out the Bull Whip FAQ for more tips and information. I hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know.

: Dan

Thanks a lot Dan! I'd tend to buy a 10ft. whip even if it's more difficult to keep off the ground. I also checked out the Bullwhip FAQ. It's really amazing what tricks you can do with a whip.
A 10ft. whip seems to be good for wraps or loud cracks while the 6ft.or 8ft. whips are more for cutting or cracking is a restricted area.
I've decided to buy the Indy bullwhip from David Morgan (I'm still not quite sure if 8ft. or 10ft.). From what I heard I think the whip will last for many years. I'll have a closer look at the videos or books offered at the D. Morgan store. Seems as you are well experienced in whips and whipcracking. By the way, do you have a Morgan bullwhip as well? Well, thank you. If you've other hints or tips on how to start training and how to care for the whip I'd be very pleased...


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