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Posted by Dan Borton from on April 10, 1998 at 22:16:45:

In Reply to: Re: Whip Ordering posted by Max Schulte on April 10, 1998 at 02:27:42:

: Thanks a lot Dan! I'd tend to buy a 10ft. whip even if it's more difficult to keep off the ground. I also checked out the Bullwhip FAQ. It's really amazing what tricks you can do with a whip.
: A 10ft. whip seems to be good for wraps or loud cracks while the 6ft.or 8ft. whips are more for cutting or cracking is a restricted area.
: I've decided to buy the Indy bullwhip from David Morgan (I'm still not quite sure if 8ft. or 10ft.). From what I heard I think the whip will last for many years. I'll have a closer look at the videos or books offered at the D. Morgan store. Seems as you are well experienced in whips and whipcracking. By the way, do you have a Morgan bullwhip as well? Well, thank you. If you've other hints or tips on how to start training and how to care for the whip I'd be very pleased...

: -Max

Max, I have been cracking whips for just a little over fourteen years, I do use David Morganís whips, and have found them to be top of the line. I know there are other whip crackers on the Indy Fan forum that agree. In my opinion If you want the whip for the Indiana Jones connection, the 10ft is basically consider the length he uses. The 8ft is a little more practical from a learning stand point, but my guess is you want it for both reasons. Keep in mind that when you first get a new whip it will be a light natural tan color. A lot of people get a little concerned that the new whip is not as dark as Indys whip. Donít worry about it though, Natural whip tanned kangaroo hide will darken with age and exposure to sunlight.

With general maintenance a high quality kangaroo hide whip should last you quite a few years. Keeping it fairly dry and clean is the main thing. Use a good leather dressing on it. That Picards dressing David Morgan sells is pretty good. I do not normally recommend using animal fat products to grease whips, My concern is that they have potential to cause bacteria growth which in time could damage the leather. Also avoid leather cleaners or dressing products that contain salts or chemicals, as again these in time can build up and cause problems. Donít abuse it, Avoid hitting any hard or sharp objects as it will tear up a whip pretty quickly. Gravel and concrete will also do the same. Depending on how much you use your whip, you will probably need to replace the crackers every now and then. Occasionally the whips fall may also need to be changed, but these are designed to be easily replaced. I usually recommend giving a new whip a good coat of leather dressing before you first start using it.

When you start practicing try to get a good understanding of the basic techniques before you start doing any fancy tricks. Concentrate on your forum and function and accuracy , rather than power and loud cracks. Again tapes can be helpful in this instance. Make sure you wear some protective clothing, especially glasses. You donít want to injure your sight. A whip can do a lot of damage, so be careful and make sure nothing is in your way when you practice.

You can practice wraps and target cutting on a smooth wooden pole. I find that a wooden pole (a long smooth broom handle will work) driven about a foot or so into the ground works well for holding up targets. This way you can attach you target to the top of the pole with a clip or tape and cut away. I use a variety of different targets for cutting including Styrofoam plates, Styrofoam strips, folded strips of newspaper, and paper to balloons and playing cards, ect. You can also try hitting targets on the ground or in the air. I find tennis balls and balloons work really well for that. Those are pretty much the very basics, other than that Practice, Practice, Practice. I hope this helps.


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