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Posted by Sophie Cresswell from on April 12, 1998 at 12:41:41:

In Reply to: Re: Indy's shirt posted by Dale Dassel on March 20, 1998 at 00:36:25:

: : : : : Does anyone know where I might find a shirt similar to Indy's shirt in Raiders? It would be great if I could order one over the
: : : : : internet. I've tried several "adventure" clothing sellers, and I can't seem to find the exact model/color. I know the original from
: : : : : the movie was extremely expensive, but I'm looking for something a little more reasonable. I'm sure others have this question as
: : : : : well. Thanks!

: : : : You're in luck-and so am I. Tonight I was in the mall, and I
: : : : walked by a store called Structure, a fashionable men's clothing store.
: : : : On a mannequin near the entrance, I saw a khaki, long-sleeved button-
: : : : up shirt, that looked almost exactly like Indy's I went in immediately
: : : : and inquired about it. It costs $40, a very reasonable price. I reserved
: : : : one on 24-hour hold. I'm picking it up tomorrow, so then I can tell
: : : : you what the brand name and style number is. It doesn't have eapulets,
: : : : though, but it's pretty close. And it's not one of those thin dress-shirt
: : : : things, either. This is a thick, durable, cotton adventure shirt. I'm
: : : : getting it because I am aware that there is no way in hell anybody
: : : : outside the movie industry can get ahold of an Andre Dometakis shirt.

: : : : -Dale

: : : Okay, I am now wearing the shirt, and I can tell you more about it.
: : : First, and most importantly, it's very comfortable, but at the same time
: : : loose enough to be functinal for movement. The color is the exact same color
: : : as the shirts in the films. It is khaki. The shirt has sewn-down epaulets,
: : : and long sleeves. On the back of the neck, stamped in black ink reads the following:

: : : L Superior quality clothing
: : : 100% cotton Made in Hong Kong

: : : But don't let the Hong Kong part discourage you. It is NOT a cheap shirt.
: : : The material is finely-sewn and very durable and thick, but not heavy.
: : : Like the bullwhip, it is both light, strong, and durable. Overall, a
: : : pretty close match to the ones in the movies. Now I am satisfied that I
: : : own a shirt that is as close to the ones in the movies as possible.
: : : If anyone has any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

: : : -Dale Dassel
: : Thanks a bunch, man. I'll be sure to check it out. Sounds very good!

: Glad I could help. By the way, it costs about $50. But still, it's
: a great-looking shirt. My jacket is coming in the mail tomorrow and I'm
: also buying ANOTHER Indy shirt!!! It's been a pretty good week.

: -Dale Dassel

Just to let you know, I know where you can buy the replica Indiana shirts from.

The Dometakis shirts are made in London, by a man of the same name. He hand produces the garments such as the shirts used in the Indiana films and also many others and many stage productions. The gentleman is a very good friend of mine and due to the nature of his work you can imagine he is very busy, which means that consumers may have to wait a while and the items are quite expensive. The shop is in Mortimer Street, London, W1, England.

I hope this is of some use, if you need any further help, just email me.


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