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Posted by BMan from on April 12, 1998 at 16:11:37:

Every day that passes without filming on a new Indy film will make it
just that much harder to buy into Indy as THE action-adventure hero.
Face it, Harrison Ford isn't getting any younger. Earring or not, he's starting to show his age. Although I don't need Indy to appear as a 30-35 year old, I don't think that a mid- to upper 50's action hero is what I'm looking for.

Granted, I wouldn't mind seeing the character of Indy expanded, but to be honest, I also like the stunts and action in the movies. I couldn't buy the truck scene in Raiders or the tank scene in TLC if our intrepid hero was pushing the age when he could retire from teaching and draw a pension.

However, I was just glancing through "George Lucas: The Creative Impulse" in the Young Indy section. It talks about Lucas' non-linear filmmaking philosophy. In the episode now titled "My First Adventure" Corey Carrier was 9 when filming began and was 15 when the filming was concluded. The blurb stated that ILM removed the differences in his appearance through digital wizadry.

If they can pull this off, and can generate a completely synthetic character for the Star Wars Prequels, why can't they film an Indy adventure and go in and make Harrison Ford look about 10 years younger. That would allow us another Indy film in the vein that I'd like to see, and remove the pressure from them getting the film out in the next year.

What do you think? OK concept or sacrilege?

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