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Posted by Dale from on April 13, 1998 at 19:11:09:

In Reply to: Indy is the next best thing to sliced bread... posted by BRUTIANA JONES on March 30, 1998 at 14:02:17:

: Hey Northy! No one will get my joke here :( Anyways guys...Do you think a 90s indy would translate well? I mean a movie made in the 90's, we all know how hard it is to revisit a movie from another film era and try to recrete the same feel. I mean these were the 80s man! They had 80s ideas, 80s attitudes, 80s directing styles--it's been many a year--what do you think? I look forward to the movie no matter what--if it ever gets made.


No, I don't think the look or feel of the new film will be
different because it's a period film. And, the same team that worked
on all three Indy movies will make the fourth one. They've done it
before, so they all know what to do, and how the film is supposed to
look and feel. Look at Star Wars (1977) through Jedi (1983). No big
difference except for the quality of the special effects. Star Wars
is not unlike Indiana Jones in that it has a timeless feel. It
absolutely CAN'T be changed. Star Wars, because it doesn't really
exist, and Indiana Jones because it takes place in a time period that
has already passed, so we know what it looks like. You can't change
the past. It just doesn't happen. The only major leap in the fourth
Indy feature is that the special effects will look more realistic.
Of course, the best special effects are the ones that can't be
distinguished as special effects.


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