New Last Crusade mistake

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Posted by Dale Dassel from on April 13, 1998 at 19:44:14:

While watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade this past
weekend, I noticed not one, but TWO new errors. One of them has been
mentioned before, that being the barely visible wire holding Indy and
Elsa's boat just out of reach of the deadly churning propellers of the
The other one, being totally new to me, came with such a tremendous shock because it was so obvious but I had never noticed
it before. When Indy and Austrian babe, Elsa enter the burial chamber
containing the coffins beneath the library, Elsa takes off her top
jacket TWICE!!!! She starts to pull it off almost down to
her elbows, then the camera cuts to our intrepid archaeologist
gazing in wonder, then it cuts back to the mega babe, who is
AGAIN in the process of removing her jacket!!! And I have NEVER
heard anyone mention that one!!! I feel very triumphant for some


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