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Posted by Dale Dassel from on April 13, 1998 at 20:13:13:

In Reply to: Re: Wested Jacket Sizing posted by BMan on April 13, 1998 at 19:41:53:

: : : : : : Rod, In answer to your question, as I said before, the Wested Jacket is quite nice. It arrives to you VERY new, and so doesn't look like it "should" right away. It is a considerably soft (like buttah!), thin lambskin (which if you remember how thin his jacket was in the "flying wing" scene as he got his butt walloped all over the airfield, flopping on his back, the jacket you will receive is just that thin. However, I want to caution you before you judge a thin leather jacket to be weak or of low quality. It is in fact high quality dark brown lambskin, which, if you know anything about leathers, is considerably more durable than cowhide, and unlike a lot of leather jackets on the commercial market today, it is full-grain - it is taken from the best part of the animal hide. I have abused my jacket for about seven years and aside from some nice broken-in scratches in the leather (which only make it look nicer), the leather still retains its integrity. The only downfall to the jacket being so soft is if you have a girlfriend or wife as I do (being heterosexist, I know- I apologize if I offend), she will quite likely attempt to steal the jacket from you. I would reccommend the jacket highly-to Jones fans or non-fans!

: : : : : I appreciate your putting your experience with this jacket to print. I currently am awaiting delivery of my own jacket from Wested Leather, and as all others have done, have wondered if it will truly meet with my expectations, as Peter has said it would. Your statements, along with the others I have read have made me even more pleased with my decision to order something I have wanted since 1981. Regards. Michaelson

: : : : I have a brand new Wested Raiders jacket which I received last
: : : : month and it is VERY soft and high-quality. Don't be alarmed if you raise
: : : : your arms above your head and the sleeves slide way towards your
: : : : elbows because they're supposed to. Believe me, I was really worried
: : : : that my sleeves were too short. After watching the sleeves intently in
: : : : Raiders and Last Crusade, I now realize that my sleeves are the perfect
: : : : length. When you are standing with your arms at your sides, the
: : : : sleeve cuff should rest midway down your hands, or, in other words, just
: : : : about half an inch or so above your knuckles.

: : : : -Dale

: : : I haven't been able to raise you lately, Dale. Wanted to ask you exactly how did your jacket arrive...UPS, US mail, Fed X, etc? Mine is on the road now, according to Peter, but I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to be watching for. Regards. Michaelson

: :
: : Hey, Michaelson!!! Good to hear from you!!! Well, my jacket
: : came in a large, gray plastic package, via good old U.S. mail. The
: : mailman pulled up in my driveway, honked the horn, demanded $24,
: : and drove off with it when I couldn't pay him. Good story, huh? :)
: : In answer to your question, it just comes in the mail truck. The
: : satchel came to me the same way, but I just found it stuffed in my
: : mailbox because they didn't need any U.S. customs charge for it.
: : If you need anything else, I'll be more than happy to help you.
: : After all, it's the least I can do.

: : Your friend,

: : Dale

: Hey guys,

: What's the current turn-around time for delivery of the Wested Jacket?

: I just ordered via email last week in an effort to obtain a little more
: comfortable fit. My girlfriend had pretty well taken posession of the
: other one anyway:)

: Are they being shipped in the 14 days plus delivery as noted in Mr.
: Botwright's article?

: My last jacket arrived via USPS in the gray package, although I didn't
: have to pay any extra. This was about 10 months ago. It took 2-3
: months for that one to arrive.

: I'm trying to be patient, but it's hard not to be excited.

: Thanks.

: BMan

Glad to be of service. I ordered my jacket by phone
on February 24, 1998 and had it in my hands on March 20, 1998. It
still comes in the gray bag!!! I wouldn't let anyone take possession
of my Indy jacket!!! It's all MINE!!! :)


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