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Posted by Max Schulte from on April 13, 1998 at 22:24:30:

In Reply to: Re: Double buckle on bag strap.. posted by Dale Dassel on April 13, 1998 at 17:42:01:

: : : MAX,

: : : I can get the pic thats shows the buckle on the back of the bag strap and email it to you if you wish. I need to look through some stuff but if you're interested I can do it.

: : : Let me know.

: : : Regards,
: : : BAM

: : You really wouldn't need to. If you go to Micah's Raiders gallery, go to the second series of pictures, you'll see a picture from the "basket chase" fight scene. Indy's back is to you, with Marian to the right of the picture. The back buckle can be seen in the picture. I was aware of the two buckle system, but finding leather that long without having something specially ordered is not easy, and so had mine made with the one buckle to the front of the bag. The rear buckle is usually under the jacket anyway, and so isn't seen. Lots of folks weren't aware of this. Regards. Michaelson

: Really? There's two buckles? I was not aware of this. But I'm
: with Michaelson, one buckle for me, thank you. If you can't see it,
: then why worry about it. Besides, it lends a personal touch to each
: person's outfit. Mine is still in the making, and I have added some
: things to make it more "me", without losing the look of the character.

: -Dale

First, thanks to you all. I did never notice the two buckle system and
so I was really astonished. When I had my strap made I watched the
laste scenes in Temple of Doom (you know Indy and Mola Ram on the
bridge) over and over again in order to define the exact lenght,
width and buckle on it. I wasn't aware of the two buckles on it and
had mine made with just one buckle.

Anyway, I agree with Dale and Michaelson. You can't actually see it
and you add a personal touch to you outfit. In addition to that: Why
the two buckle system. I won't say it's better than one buckle. At
least I'm very content with my one-buckle strap...

By the way, how many water drain holes are in your bags? It's an
interesting question because you can see two in the bag when Indy
gets beaten up by this big fat guy in the mines (Temple of Doom) but
later, shortly before Mola Ram falls off the damaged bridge to the
alligators, you can clearly see three holes in the bottom of the
shoulder bag. (Another question without answer would be how Indy
managed to get his bag, with the buckle(s) open, around his shoulder
again with just one arm!)


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