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Posted by Dale Dassel from iax-minden-ppp0014.iamerica.net on April 14, 1998 at 21:07:21:

In Reply to: Re: Double buckle on bag strap, belt and pants... posted by Laurie Jensen on April 14, 1998 at 15:17:40:

: : : Totally agree with everyone. It's what you want it to look like that counts. In movies they only use what they can get - there are no real rules to stick to. Artistic licencing I think - even down to the costumes. The bag I have has 2 drain / breather holes but again there were a few variations in these bags anyway.

: : : Just as a point of interest - no-one seems to be asking too much about Indy's trouser / pants belt. The standard brass roller on a web belt. But again there's a change from film to film. In Raiders & TOD Indy has a brown web belt with the brass roller but in LC , it's khaki.

: : : Again it's what's avail at the time the movies made. Anyone have any clues about the brown web belt? I know the US military in WW2 had a tan web belt with brass roller, khaki is associated alot with air force / navy officers, etc.

: : : Khaki belts with brass roller used to be avail from The Cockpit in Long Island NY.

: : : regards all,

: : : BAM

: : Thanks BAM,
: : mine has got two drain holes as well. I'm really interested in buying the Indy pants but as this film-industries-only company (Angels & Burmans) made them there's no chance to get the real thing...

: : The color is actually a greyish kahki - darker than the shirt. I bought similar pants (at least the same color) but the material was pretty poor, very thin. I wore them when I was in Austria and a piece of barbed wire made a big hole in it. It looked pretty ridiculos. Anyway I'm still looking for pants in the same color and of similar material. I think these pants are relatively rare because most of the adventure pants are of another color and most of them are made with big leg pockets like the ones used by the Army.

: : I really don't know much about the belt - the only thing I know is that it is a military belt. I'm also interested in the holster used by Indy and the leather loop he uses to carry his whip. I never read anything about this. The loop is just a piece of leather with a snap fastener I suppose but it would be interesting to know the color and measurements. I think it's quite useful - especially if you own a whip...

: : I'd appreciate further information - thanks a lot,

: : -Max

: The pants are very difficult to duplicate but I've had some recent finds at local thrift stores that are pretty close to the real thing. A couple of weeks ago I found a pair of slacks by Savane that are identical in color to the pants in Raiders and TOD. They even have the double flap pockets in back and are made of a relatively thin cotton twill. The only problem is the creases down the legs rather the the straight legs on the movie's pants, but a drycleaner might be able to remove the lines. Savane pants can be found at Ross stores in the U.S. for around $20.00. However, I was just at Ross last week and while they had the same style of slacks they only had them in light khaki. Just a few days ago I found another pair of slacks made from rayon and polyester that actually look closer to the real pants but are a little too dark. Sorry, but there were no store identifiable tags on this pair of pants, so I can't tell you where they came from. If you do find a pair of cotton pants that you like, don't automatically dimiss them. You can probably dye them with RIT dye and get them close to the color of the Last Crusade pants. The Last Crusade slacks are a different color than the other movies; they are a rose beige tinge rather than clay colored. RIT's taupe coloring is very close to this shade. There are of course problems with trying to dye pants to the right color. Changing from a completely different color is very hard; you have to try and remove the former color and dark shades don't usually come out all the way. Try to stay in the same color family if your trying to change colors. You also might want to try things out on an old pair of pants first.

: BTW, I've actually come to the conclusion that the slacks used in the movies were really made out of some sort of worsted wool rather than cotton. If you look at closeups of the pants, they look like wool instead of cotton. The easy flow and looseness of the pants indicates wool not cotton. Trying to find wool slacks that duplicate the movies is almost impossible. I haven't found any wool or dress slacks that have the double flap pockets and all men's dress slacks seem to have leg creases. Wool is also hard to maintain since it can only be professionally dry cleaned and it is expensive to buy. The closest I've come to the Indy pants was a pair of Louis Raphael slacks that are nearly identical in color to the LC pants. However, the pants only have one flap pocket and they have the usual creases down the leg. I also found these slacks in unworn condition at a thrift store for $3.00.

: There is better information on the belt and holster. You can find the information on the web belts on the other messages on this thread. Indy' holster from Last Crusade is a leather Webly .455 holster for the Mark VI gun. You'll have to try militaria places for the real thing, but you can also buy a replica from International Military Antiques for about $30.00. I think that the holster in TOD is also the Webly, but I'm not very knowledgeable about guns or holsters. I have no idea what they used for Raiders. As for the whipholder, I haven't heard any information on what was used or where it was purchased; none of the Indy collecible pages have any information of this item.

: Hope this helps.

Well, I have talked to the people at Mark Allen productions,
a supplier of western and rodeo gear, and they sell 3 quarter inch
leather whip snap-holders for $15. These come in black, light brown,
and dark brown. (The dark brown is the best bet)
I don't know about the gun holster from Raiders, but the one
I chose was the CZ-52 chocolate brown flap holster. This particular
holster looks exactly like the one pictured on the original Raiders
poster, with the exception of an ammunition clip cuff, which handily
holds my adventure Leatherman tool. (No aspiring adventurer should be
without one!!!)
As for Indiana's leather gloves, all I know is that they are
supposedly made by Midwest Quality Gloves. I have written to their
company and am currently awaiting their response. I will post the
information as soon as I receive it. I found some Midwest gloves at
a local Wal-Mart, but none of these were leather. From movie pictures,
I can see that the gloves appear to have a drawstring on them, and
possibly a snap.

-Dale Dassel

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